Friday , 16 November 2018


Datamining Smite since 2013 and Paladins since 2015.Videogames development student.

Hi-Rez Studios new trademarks

Almost one year ago, Global Assault trademark was “spoiled” and everyone got into speculation.. we now know it was the primary idea of what’s been Paladins. This August Hi-Rez Studios has been adquiring new trademarks when some Tribes updates have been brought to our attention. Is hi-rez reviving Tribes saga? TRIBES Application sent 19th August 2015 Application for Game software ...

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Smite Datamining 6k Twitter followers celebration Giveaway

SmiteDatamining just reached 6k followers in Twitter, as people RTed we reached 800 RTs so I’m giving away x8 200 gem codes. You will be able to join the giveaway until Sunday 21:00 CET Time. Ok let’s celebrate the 6k followers mark. x1 200 gem code winner for every 100 RT. Must follow @SmiteDatamining to win! — Smite Datamining (@SmiteDatamining) ...

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