Sunday , 17 December 2017


Datamining Smite since 2013 and Paladins since 2015.Videogames development student.

Smite 15 November PTS Datamining – New god Hou Yi, new skins, christmas…

 Hou Yi Should be an archer. Skill 1 Projectile Awilix Skill – Moonlight Got a buff Skill – StarlightLance Skill – Reposition Skill – Mount Leap Mount Buff Skill – Jungle Mount First Strike Odyssey To the ancient Greeks, Chronos is the personification of time and is said to have been created at the beginning of the universe. After splitting ...

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SMITE 1 October Datamining – Ao Kuang skills, new bundles..

  Ao Kuang skills Standard Statistics Damage: 35 + 1.5/Lvl (+20% of Magical Power) Basic Attack Progression:  1/0.5/0.5/1x Speed Basic Attack Progression: 1/0.5/0.5/1.5x damage Passive Ao Kuang’s sword can hold up to 100 bonus energy. Ao Kuang regenerates 5% of his swords energy for every second his sword is sheathed, or 1% for every second in combat.  This energy will ...

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