Thursday , 24 August 2017

Smite Datamining

Smite Datamining – 3 First Japanese Gods Reveal

Raijin and Amaterasu I’m not sure who is who right now as Hi-Rez started to play “the hidden God names Game”. For now, we know there’s at least 2 Japanese Gods in work + 1 Norse and we have God 72 and God 73 so we can guess Raijin and Amaterasu are both. Probably we’re mistaken if Skadi or even ...

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Big Reveal this Tuesday

  Time is over, you can now read what the reveal is by clicking here.              

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Smite Datamining – Chiron Confirmed Abilities (May change)

Reddit user /u/Fundledbundle found a way to access Chiron info inside game client. Apparently he has some abilities added and we can assume they are not final but at least we have 4 main abilities which could be more trustable than actual datamining. Chiron Abilities   Chiron General Stats

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