Friday , 21 October 2016

Paladins CBT 33 Datamining

Just a few lines of extra info in Mal Damba, next champion in Paladins.

Mal Damba

Mal Damba appears to be the next Paladins champion.

  • General Info
    • Has a feather in Head (skins change feather color)
    • There’s an acid pool
    • Snake Etheral skin
    • Possible throws a snake as basic attack? Not sure if basic or skill
  • Energy Charge
  • Spirit Call
    • Projectile skill
  • Venom Poison
  • Voodoo Charge
    • Doll projectile


There’s no more info about this one, so not sure about what happened to him.


  • District
    • Siege
  • Deathgate
    • Payload

Unreleased Skins

Not a word about this, just what i found and was not included ingame.

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