Monday , 23 January 2017

Paladins Datamining – Evie

Meet Evie, one of the Paladins Champions. She seems to be a female mage with ice skills.

Evie or Mina or Yvie

  • Lore
    • Prodigy to the archmage of Stonebriar, Evie defied her master by using Soul Magic to bind the Ice Wraith Xerses forever to her. Gaining great power and becoming immortal, she was outcast for her unholy act. Wandering the north for time untold, no one knows why she has come to Crosswind Hold, and no one dares ask.
  • Weapon & Stats
    • Staff
    • Ice skills
  • Accumulate
    • Accumulate more ice per shot, increasing your damage by 40%.
  • Drain
    • +90% Lifesteal
  • Stasis
  • Ice Blast

Evie’s Images Gallery

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I've been datamining Smite since 2013. Gigantic and Paladins were added to my list in 2015.

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