Wednesday , 29 March 2017

Paladins Datamining – More Kinessa Info, Jurassic Dinosaur? & More



  • Characteristics
    • Sniper Rifle
    • Dwarf Sniper
    • Warrioor’s Shjotgun
    • Copy of Shrapnel Cannon
  • Portal
  • Projectile
  • Booby Trap
    • Projectile
    • Explosion
    • Deployable
  • Rifle
    • Impact Target
    • Impact Wall
    • Sniper Rifle Tracer


  • Health Nugget Big
  • Self hex
    • This is a device to hex yourself (cards are not active)
  • Self zombie no debuff
    • This is a device to apply the “zombie” status ailment to yourself.This isn’t tagged as a zombify effect
  • Self silence
    • his is a device to silence yourself (abilities are not active).
  • Exhausted
    • Slows attack speed based off stamina
  • Radiant Chest Container
  • SLT Radiant Chest


  • TR8_Vert_Test (Actual map I think)
  • Ravenous V2 (Probably in use in this latest patch)
  • RanneyTest
  • MickTest


  • Jurassic Ted
    • Reanimated Dinosaur Skeleton
  • Tragodar the Undying
    • Zombie Swordsman





About FAERayo

I've been datamining Smite since 2013. Gigantic and Paladins were added to my list in 2015.

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