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SMITE 25 October Nox PTS Datamining – Kali skin revealed, New god Awilix and more

This datamining reveals the new goddess and a new skin for kali.

New God Awilix

  • Awilix
    • Maya Pantheon

In game files, she’s mentioned like this:

    • Copy of Afro-Dite
      • Goddess of Moon and Night

Hi-Rez probably copied the model and edited it xD

  • FirstStrike
  • StarLightLance


  • Save The Earth (99% Confirmed for treasure chest, still may not be)
  • SylXmas (Sylvanus xmas?)
  • NuXmas (Nu Wa xmas?)


  • Greek
    • Temple of Athena Nike
      • On their journey west, the band of gods enter the Acropolis of Athens and set their sights on the marvelous Temple of Athena Nike!
  • Hindu
    • Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction, time, and death is also a powerful mother figure  and symbolic for motherly love. She embodies Shakti, which is feminine energy and fertility and is the incarnation of Shiva’s wife, Parvati. She is often depicted as a blue or black warrior goddess with a necklace of heads, skirt made out of arms, stretched out tongue, and holding a bloody knife.

Daily Reward

  • Daily Reward 1
  • Daily Reward 2
  • Daily Reward 3
  • Daily Reward 4
  • Daily Reward 5
  • Daily Reward 6

Random Info

  • Sock Puppetyr
  • Throwback
  • Red Rider (Delete)


  • Get Your Ward On Bundle
    • Denton Balloon Ward Skin + Bobblehead Apollo Ward Skin + Wind Dancer Wrd Skin + Mr. Cactus Ward Skin
  • Better Red Than Dead Bundle
    • Unstoppable Guan Yu Skin + Bloodfire Hades + Nurse Neith + High Counselor Athena
  • Dance Party Bundle
    • Hades Dance Emote + Neith Dance Emote + Isis Dance Emote + Ne Zha Dance Emote
  • God of the Nile Bundle
    • High Seas Sobek + Sobek Voice Pack + Sobek Dance Emote + Sobek Furious Emote
  • Martial Arts Bundle
    • Blind Vengeance Nemesis + Master Guan Fu + Shaolin Hun Batz
  • Mean and Green Bundle
    • Forest Nymph + Ssslither Loki + Sting Ah Muzen Cab + Jungle King Anhur
  • Rock On Bundle
    • Molten Fury Geb + Lion of Olympus Hercules Skin + Moai Ward Skin
  • Save the Earth Bundle (Already ingame, through International chest)
  • Streamer Icon Bundle
    • Bart + Kelly + Chixy + Drybear + Mamacita + Mezmoreyes + Pbat + Ponpon + SNK
  • Streamer Icon and Twitch Ymir Bundle
    • Bart + Kelly + Chixy + Drybear + Mamacita + Mezmoreyes + Pbat + Ponpon + SNK + Twitch Ymir

New Cards Gallery

New Icons Gallery

T_Kali_Alien_Icon T_Nox_Default_IconT_Nox_CrimsonEclipse_IconT_NuWa_WaterDancer_IconT_Cabrakan_BlackGold_IconT_Agni_Infernal_IconT_Rama_Scifi_IconI_Emote_Geb_Special

Nox Skill Icons

Icons_Nox_Passive Icons_Nox_A04 Icons_Nox_A03 Icons_Nox_A02 Icons_Nox_A01


  • Initial Post: 15:45 (GMT +2 Spain)
  • Expected update Today/Tomorrow with Voice packs videos.

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