Monday , 20 February 2017

Smite Datamining – Is Domination back?

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Small patch 24h after PTS was deployed, is domination going to be back?Almost no new info, was a small patch.

Ah Puch

  • Au Puch Ultimate – Deployable 1


  • Petrify material: Medusa_Stonegaze_Base
  • Ultimate slows & stuns.


Is domination going to be back?

Completed Domination -> Found in a list where every map had its line (Completed [Map Name]).


Since there may be new map remodels incoming I decided to take a look into maps info.


  • There have been tests of Arena Capture, Neutral bots would appear around the map while you’re able to capture some points.


  • Apparently Erez tested how conquest would perfomance with 6 gold per second with a lane pusher (Probably this idea became into the actual siege mode).
  • Another “Expert” gamemode with more minions & less gold (1,2 per second).


  • Some tests of maps with missions.
  • One single point capture.
  • Idol (Probably means like a boss).


  • Mercury Ghost: Can’t say it’s a skin.. I’m pretty sure this could be the “image” of himself while he hits with autos and so… anyway i’ll leave it here, in the case it’s a skin.

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