Monday , 20 February 2017

Smite Datamining – Medusa, the snake, has stealth

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New datamining after 24h PTS was deployed and first datamining was done. Files had now a little more info about medusa.


  • % multiplier to basic attack dmg
  • Applied to enemies when snake stacks remain. (Maybe?)
  • Stealth
    • Apply stealth.
    • Apply stealth to friendly (Not 100% sure).
    • Strafe Percent may have to do something with stealth.
    • She should be able to turn into invisible after 5 seconds of something, maybe not in combat and perma invisible?. Just a crazy theory made by reading the files, I may be WRONG, I REPEAT, I MAY BE WRONG.
    • Made the theory because she has some functions about being shown as a friendly stealth unit.
  • Remains the execute, it should be with a device fire.


  • Mercenary (Not sure if a skin)
  • Nightmare (Not sure if a skin)
  • Luchadore (Not sure if a skin)
  • Caco2 (Not sure if a skin)
  • ZeusXbox (Not sure if a skin)


  • Arena Boar
  • Arena Lion (New)

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I've been datamining Smite since 2013. Gigantic and Paladins were added to my list in 2015.

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