Thursday , 21 September 2017

Smite Datamining – More Hou Yi

New little datamining about Hou Yi.

Hou Yi

  • Skill #1
    • Is a projectile.
    • Scales Damage.
    • Option A – Charges Up the skill (And scales the damage).
      • To have an idea how it may work, check Lol’s Varus skill.
    • Option B – Charges Up the damage if the arrow travels more or less.
      • If this is the final version, it may charge up with 2 variations: Distance and time.
    • Has a time limit of “charging”.
    • Has a HUD for the charge.
    • Has a HUD for targeting.
    • Mostly a circular area where you will be able to hit someone inside it.
    • The area will be visual for sure in the ground.
    • May be hit multiple times, there’s a function to know when the actor is able to be Re Touched.
    • Something will not be able to touched, has a function with a list from NOT ABLE TO TOUCH things.
    • This skills has something to do with Hit Walls (First datamining there was a mention for this).
    • Can be canceled, can interrupt the fire. Not sure what this gonna do unless Hou Yi enters in a fire mode.

Also, last datamining Hou Yi info, to be remembered.

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