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Smite Datamining – Ratatoskr new norse squirrel God, anubis rework & Call your Role Lobby

Hello Guys. Finally a new patch with a lot of content, we finally know who’s the next after Ah Puch, Ratatoskr a norse squirrel. Also we have a lot of new things, you cant miss it.

Voice Packs


  • Ah Puch
  • Xbalanque Ninja


New Gods

  • Ratatoskr
  • Anubis V1 & V2 – (Tagged as Anewbis by Hi-Rez xD)
    • Probably a remodel since ability icons are the same but reworked to a better look (In gallery)
  • Ah Puch


This new god is a norse squirrel, plays with an acorn and he’s fat, so much acorns.

Spoiled by Hi-Rez Employe (Top secret file)


This god has 3 kind of Acorns. The system detects if he has s

  • White
    • You gain 20% Movement Speed
  • Blue
    • Dart deals 30% extra damage per stack
  • Yellow
    • Gain 20% Movement Speed for 2s after using Dash

Throwing the Acorn

  • Apparently the squiller will be able to throw the acorn, which leaves so many ideas to think it may do, explained later.

Dart Device

  • Charge ability.
  • Stacks the darts.
  • Plays blue acorn.

Explaining the mechanism

After thinking it too much, I think there’s 2 major theories:

  • The Acorn is just a passive with stacks

This theory would bring the opportunity to stacks different colors or throwing some different color acorns that leaves around map.

  • The Acorn is an item (Exclusive or not for Ratatoskr).

This could let him to activate special bonuses through his ability Kit, explained above.

Ah Puch

  • Empty The Cripts
    • Slows
    • Number of lanes to use before reusing a previous lane
    • Min number of Creeps on screen
    • Max number of Creeps on screen
Ah Puch Passive

New Skins

New Esports teams themed skins

  • Anhur Fnatic
  • Chaac Cloud 9
  • Sun Wukong TSM
  • Vulcan Titan
  • Kukulkan (Unknown)
  • Nemesis (Unknown)

New Items

  • Basic Acorn (Tier 1)
  • Blue Acorn (Tier 2)
  • Yellow Acorn (Tier 2)
  • Dart (Yellow Acorn Tier 3)

Call Your Role

As clarified by “HiRezBarrke” in Reddit:

Just to squash this before it gets out of hand.

The call your roll stuff is Xbox related, as they don’t have full chat in game and just is a quick selection popup that allows for some match lobby communication without voice.

You will be able to call your role from Game Lobby (No Idea how it works).

  • Support
  • Jungle
  • Solo
  • Carry
  • Mid
  • Fill

Combo Pack

We already talked about this time ago, this unlocks God + his recolor. There some new ones for missing gods, this probably means that a new treasure chest will appear with them. The last 200 gem treasure had only around 10-20.

Newbis Gallery

New Cards Gallery

New Icons Gallery

New Items Gallery

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