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Smite PTS 4.5 Datamining – Daji and Ganesha

Daji follows Ganesha as next deities!

Post is now under finished phase. It means all important data is already added. I may have missed something so check again tomorrow in the case I added it.

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Remember Post is also added to Reddit, I use it as main comment source! Link to Reddit Post

Changelog – Live updates

Live updates changelog, being updated with Spain (Madrid) Time Zone

  • 01:00 – Initial Post with Smite Board & 4.4 Info
  • 01:23 – Added new skins list
  • 01:30 – Added 1 more to skin list
  • 01:42 – Updated & Added info on Racing Adventure.
  • 01:53 – Added & Updated Ganesha Info
  • 02:05 – Added Da Ji skills
  • 02:18 – Added creatures in door siege adventure
  • 03:00 – Added Fantasy Point Tipping (Find Below Ganesha)

Smite Board – 3D Models & Voice Packs

Smite Board is a new site I opened for a database style website. The idea is to have all the voice packs, sound themes and 3D Models available for everyone with just a simple website search.

Site also features a VGS Simulator under voice packs area so you can test the voicepacks.

Cards uploaded for whoever is interested, I know these are not new.

New skins

The following skins are meant to arrive in the next patches.

  • Aphrodite (Skin 7) – Has voicepack
  • Apollo (skin 8) – Has voicepack
  • Athena (Skin 9) – Has voicepack
  • Chang’e (Skkin 7) – Has voicepack
  • Ratatoskr (Skin 6) – Has voicepack
  • Susano (Skin 5)
    • Vic Susano?
  • Hercules (Season Ticket)
  • Mercury (Season Ticket)


Nothing yet, still working

  • Description
    • The nine tailed fox spirit
  • Passive – Razor Claws
  • #1 Skill – Horrible Burns
    • May change effects on skills if it’s activated
    • Works with Razor Claws passive (Stacking probably)
  • #2 Skill – One Thousand Cuts
  • #3 Skill – Slash and Dash
    • Dash
  • #4 Skill – Paolao
    • Deployable
    • Can be destroyed
    • Stuns
    • Disorient?
    • Interior & Exterior damage? Like different


Ganesha appears in the files, seems like he’s coming after Cernunnos.

  • #1 Skill – Protect the Righteous
  • #2 Skills
    • Works with stacks
    • May change its pose
    • Buff gods
  • #3 Skill – Remove Obstacles
    • Taking Damage over Time
    • Throws a victim
    • Knock up enemy, Root & Stun
  • #4 Skill – Big Barrier
    • Tower Deployable
    • 3 Hits to kill the tower
    • Silence
    • Reduces Protections

Fantasy Point Tipping

Seems like a new feature is being added for post-match. You can now select a team mate (or vote) so he gets more Fantasy Points. This system seems to be something like “Give karma to a good team mate”.

  • Fantasy Point Tipping allows a you to select a percentage of your earned FP to give to a teammate.  This can be used to show appreciation to the most valuable teammate.
  • Select a percentage of your earned FP to tip


Remember Post is also added to Reddit, I use it as main comment source! Link to Reddit Post

Adventure Racing

In order to read a more elaborated post about this info, please check this post.

Racing adventure seems to have different obstacles during the lap. From cabs to persons, I guess we will also have elements like boulder or lava pools as obstacles.

  • Racer Bundle
    • VoV Music Theme
    • Banner Global Emote
    • Nike Torch Skin
    • 15x Team Worshiper Booster
    • Gold Key
  • Achievements
    • Lap 1 – Complete the first lap on the Racer Rumble event page.
    • Lap 2 – Complete the second lap on the Racer Rumble event page.
  • Gods Available
    • Racer Horn Sound – Aphrodite
    • Racer Horn Sound – Cabrakan
    • Racer Horn Sound – Fenrir
    • Racer Horn Sound – Izanami
    • Racer Horn Sound – Mercury
    • Racer Horn Sound – Ra
    • Racer Horn Sound – Ratatoskr
    • Racer Horn Sound – SunWukong
    • Racer Horn Sound – Ymir
    • Racer Horn Sound – Zeus
  • Items (Probably skills replaced)
    • Barricade – Deploy a wall that blocks projectiles and players and lasts for 2.5s
    • Blink – Immediately blink forwards 100 ft.
    • Curse – Slow all players ahead of you by 25% for 4 seconds.
    • Dirt – Fire a single, bouncing projectile that Knocks up all players hit.
    • Frenzy – After 3 seconds every player ahead of you is stunned for 2 seconds.
    • Hammer / Hammerrang – Fire a projectile in front of you that returns back to you. Players hit by it get disoriented.
    • Horn – Fire a single, bouncing projectile that Knocks up all players hit.
    • Meteor – Targets player in first place and blows up. Knocks up targeted player and knocks aside others affected.
    • Nitrous – Gain increased movement speed, Blocks all negative effects, Knocks back players hit.
    • Pulse – Knock back all players 50 ft and slow them by 30%.
    • Web – Drop a web behind you that slows the first player it hits for 3 seconds. The player also leaves behind a slowing trail for the duration.
  • Buffs
    • Potion – Recover 25% of your Health and Mana over 5 seconds.
    • Shield – Immune to Damage
    • Speed – Increase your movement speed by 30% for the next 5 seconds.
  • Effects
    • Boulder – You hit a boulder! Reducing movement speed by 50%.
    • Crab – You hit a crab! Reducing movement speed by 50%.
    • Ice Wall Start & End
    • Flame Wave
    • Lava Pools – Slows
    • Minion – You hit a person! Reducing movement speed by 50%
    • Sand – Slow
  • Other
    • Racing mode with laps and checkpoints.
    • It’s a competition as we have placements.
    • Seems to ride a vehicle, my best bet is it’s a Chariot.
    • You can die, so we will see combat.

Adventure Door Siege

There’s more mini games after Capture the flag. For the moment we know there’s 2 more, racing and door siege.

In order to read a more elaborated post about this info, please check this post.

  • Gods Available
  • Items (Probably skills replaced)
  • Buffs
  • Assets
    • Dust Door
  • Other
    • Your door has been destroyed!
    • Door will be repaired in 60 seconds
  • Creatures
    • Dire Boar Swarm
    • Frost Fury
    • Fury Swarm
    • Thief Big
    • Thief Big Swarm
    • Thief Small
    • Thief Small Swarm

Promotional Content

  • NRG Chronos + 300 FP
  • Season Ticket 2017
    • House Dubstep Theme
    • UFC Announcer Pack
    • Hercules Skin (Not 100% sure it’s from Season ticket)
    • Mercury Skin (Not 100% sure it’s from Season ticket)
  • Razer Chest?

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