Friday , 25 September 2020

FAERayo Datamining starts its own adventure with SmiteSpain

Datamining starts its own way by being partnered with SmiteSpain.

it’s FAERayo, and as many of you know (or not) I’m Spanish. I will be working now with SmiteSpain running this site and I will also use their youtube channel for uploading datamining videos.

SmiteSpain is the biggest Spanish Community site who helps a lot my country. When they contacted me I decided to join them without no doubt.

You can start subscribing into their youtube channel because I will start uploading videos this week.

What can I expect from this website?

I will be making new posts every time I find something worth for making a new post. You can check and visit the website daily to check if there’s new conent.

What about reddit, as you used to use?

I will be posting the website link in reddit, you will have to come to this website in order to read my datamining. You can comment here or reddit’s post, I will be answering in both sites.

Can I Join

If you consider yourself a dataminer and you think you could help to contribute I will gladly give you acces to POST here.


I will rule this site with english as main language. It may have Spanish translation soon or later, if anyone else would like to translate into any language they can request acces to translate.


I hope opening this site will bring datamining its own unique site, letting me organize myself better and making easier to find every content. I will also POST all past info in order to make this site a 100% datamining database.

Thank you all for your support.

About FAERayo

Datamining Smite since 2013 and Paladins since 2015.Videogames development student.

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