Wednesday , 16 November 2022

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Paladins 14 CBT Datamining – Kinessa Scope, Conquest Map, weapon skin list and Evie alternative Ultimate

  Kinessa Kinessa should be able to have a scope mode for her sniper rifle.  Not sure if it’s triggered for an ability, ultimate or just a scope mode as a shooter game. What is sure the scope mode will fire a beam or something more special, probably more damage while charged, who knows. I like the way Gigantic introduces …

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The Past of Smite: Episode I – Idols and Statues

Welcome to the very first episode of Smite Old. This series of information comes from my actual datamining techniques done in old smite files, we will run through 2012, 2013 and 2014 files and discover what has never been out, what changed or what we can discover. I started datamining in early 2014 and late 2013 but it has nothing …

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New skins incoming for these gods?

When surfing through the store in the new PTS version just deployed some min ago, I was able to find some skins with missing art (This usually happens when a new skins is triggered by system but it ain’t in our files, just Hi-Rez side, so basically it should mean there’s a new skin from them incoming). Within the help …

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Смайт 3.1.3207.0 ПТС Датамайнинг – способности Райдзина и информация о Скади

Третий сезон почти здесь и первый этап ПТС уже начался. Этот патч полностью раскрывает способности нового бога Raijin и дает некоторую инфу о Skadi.

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