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Smite 5.21 Datamining – Switch Founder & Knight

5.21 PTS Datamining: 

Datamining is a way of obtaining early data on what Hi-Rez is working. Sometimes the data is not enough clear and our interpretation may be wrong or inaccurate. Due to this, please remember data may change or never reach final build, do not take datamining as real data but an estimation of what’s to come.

Skins and content is usually 100% accurate, but Gods and Gamemodes data is sometimes inaccurate.

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Smite Board – 3D Models & Voice Packs

Smite Board is a 3D Models & Voicepacks database site. It features also a VGS Simulaltor so you can hear the voice packs or just practice the VGS.

As of November 2018 the website is continued under instead of self domain

Some 3D Models are animated.


  • Added 5.20 Datamining
  • Added New skins

New Skins / Cosmetics

  • Bundles
    • Best sellers bundle
    • Starter skins bundle
  • Switch Founder’s Pack
    • Thor skin
    • Ymir skin
    • Zeus skin
    • Scylla skin
    • Neith skin
  • 5.22 Evil Chest
  • 5.23 Arena Update
    • Level up, Death Stamp
    • Nox Skin
    • Izanami Skin
    • Hera Skin
    • Probably Ravana too
    • Serqet Skin
    • Zhong Kui Skin
  • Amaterasu
  • Hachiman (Skin 4)
  • Hel V4 -> Full new 3D model (Skin 7)
  • Fenrir (Skin 10)
  • Nox (Skin 8)
  • Ravana (Skin 7)
  • Tyr (Skin 8)

Pink text highlights what’s new from this pts datamining vs what remains from previous datamining.

Hera’s Odyssey 2019

There’s a main link for the Odyssey 2019 where everything will be revealed there. Read now through this link

Knight (God 99)

I have to go and can’t work on the post until tonight, the info is around 90% completed but there might be some more in the rest of files I have to check. Keep that in mind to check tomorrow. You can follow me on twitter or see changelog so you will know what has been updated.

Knight is confirmed to be a playable character as it has abilities images.

  • Placeholder Title: The Lawgiver
  • Has Stances: Normal, Spartan.
    • Fearlessly charge into your opponents, switching stance for each new opportunity.
    • The spartan stance brings some light to the pantheon it might be, unless it’s a tricky name.
    • It has 2 or 3 Equip Slots, only 1 of them is different.
    • Apparently can equip different slots as Normal and Spartan? Might be working with passive or items from store.
  • Mechanics:
    • 2 Stances
    • Has a TeleportFx, so might have teleport.
    • Maybe has something similar to a bow, arrow or throwable axes? Probably for a distance attack.
  • Ability 1 – Normal Stance
    • Works with passive
  • Ability 1 – Spartan Stance
    • Projectile Hit FX
    • Projectile Spin FX
    • Has ammunition
    • Projectile fire
  • Ability 2 – Normal Stance
    • Multiple hits, no idea how it works.
    • Might have a target lock.
  • Ability 2 – Spartan Stance
    • It’s a charge.
    • Multiple hits.
    • Shoulder Hit FX
    • Jab Trail & Hit FX
  • Ability 3 – Normal Stance
    • Damage Radius & Range, so probably ranged attack on area.
    • The ability has different States: Strike, Spin and Inactive.
    • Ground Target
    • Spin Hit FX
    • Spin Trail FX
    • Swing Hit FX
    • Strike Attack: Linear Target
    • Charge Forward: After Strike Attack is done, you do a charge forward.
  • Abilit 3 – Spartan Stance
    • The skill is a hit pulse (Freya’s 2 i think)
    • Whirlwind Trail FX
  • Ability 4 – Stance A
    • Thrust Hit
  • Ability 4 – Stance B
    • Flurry FX
  • Ability 4 – Stance C
    • Ground Target
    • Stops on first god hit.

NPC Wizard

For the wizard there’s still unclear info. For the moment he has also 1 ability icon for #1, which could mean he’s converting into a playable character (Wouldn’t mean to be a God) or he’s linked to Knight.

  • Has Basic attack, passive and abilities
  • Wizard Type
    • Minor
    • Major
    • Champion
  • Passive
    • Charged Buff
  • Portal FX air
  • Ability 1 – Minor
    • Targeter
    • Projectile
  • Ability 1 – Major
    • Burn FX
  • Ability 1 – Champion
  • Ability 2 – Wizard Arcane Pulse
    • Slow
    • Deployable
  • Ability 3
    • Targeter
  • Ability 4

Event God 100 Arrival

There’s theorycrafting about Event could be related to Excalibur with G99 and G100 being Merlin & Arthur. While this is unknown from the datamining point, it could happen, but remember Wizard is classified as NPC while Knight is not anymore. So Merlin would just be NPC.

  • Event
    • Travis Test Map Game
    • Ninety-Nine gods were released. Now comes The Hundredth.
    • Triple Digits! – One-Zero-Zero
  • Standard G100 (God 100)

5.23 Arena Update – Roman

I have to go and can’t work on the post until tonight, there’s assets and more info about Roman Arena, so check tomorrow.

  • Roman Arena S5
  • Minotaur
    • Arena Minotaur Order
    • Chaos too No mention to Chaos
  • Arena Juggernaut Skins
    • for Roman Arena? Hercules
    • for Roman Arena? Bellona
  • Brute
  • Phoenix
  • Order Juggernaut

VGS Game

Some UI files about VGS Game. It could mean there’s a VGS Simulator coming soon.

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