Saturday , 6 July 2024


Hi-Rez’s Trademark update – Tribes Royale and Smite Blitz

From time to time I usually make a check on Hi-Rez’s trademark registrations so we may have a clue about what they’re working. Around May they registered Hand of the Gods which ended up being the new name for Smite Tactics, same as Paladins Strike or Smite Rivals some time ago. Smite Blitz The first one to talk about is …

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Tribes Datamining – New Map Manticore

Tribes PTS was updated days ago and with it 2 new maps appeared inside files. One of them is the already known Terminus which is new, but there’s also a new one called Manitcore (We suppose it’s a Manticore typo). Video made by /u/Bonfi96 showing the new map

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Hi-Rez Studios new trademarks

Almost one year ago, Global Assault trademark was “spoiled” and everyone got into speculation.. we now know it was the primary idea of what’s been Paladins. This August Hi-Rez Studios has been adquiring new trademarks when some Tribes updates have been brought to our attention. Is hi-rez reviving Tribes saga? TRIBES Application sent 19th August 2015 Application for Game software …

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