Tuesday , 29 September 2020

Smite 6.2 Patch Notes Spoils

6.1 Patch notes spoils are ready!!

Skins – Voice Packs


Skins – Cards

For the odyssey skins cards, check Odyssey Post Click here to view the skin card

  • Jormugandr
  • Jormugandr Oroboros
  • Jormugandr Mastery
  • Ah Puch Infinite Speer
  • Anhur Mastery
  • Chang’e Spellbound
  • Neith Star Force
  • Ne Zha Dragon Prince
  • Skadi Wolfsbane
  • King Arthur Twitch Deathbringer

Next Reveal

Some Cards / Voice packs may be coming later, check @SmiteDatamining

There’s no more content available, will update if there is.


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