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Smite PTS Datamining – New chinese god & Map, More Khepri and new skins

Latest PTS Datamining – A new chinese god and map are coming soon. Also more khepri’s info and new skins are revealed with this datamining.

New Voice Packs

New 3D Models

Xing Tian

  • God of War
  • Will be Physical God
  • Passive
    • Works with succesfull hit.
  • AxeSweepShieldBash
    • Device
    • Boosted by enraged stacks.
    • Able to refire
    • Able to interrupt the skill while firing (CC and so)
    • The animation will be: 1st sweep, 2nd bash
    • Loads an Attack state
  • Battlecry
    • Device
    • Forward attack probably.
  • HeroicCharge
    • Device
    • Is the same device as Bellona ShieldBash.
    • Cone Attack
    • Block one basic attack for each stack. Blocked attacks result in an explosion that reflects damage.
  • Sky Cutting Axe
    • Device
    • Is the same device as Bellona SpinToStrike
    • No more info

Extra features

  • Enraged time
    • The more time he’s out of combat, he will be stacking “Enraged”. Once he enters in combat, the stack should apply.
    • He will be filling Energy (Not sure if real energy as no mana god).
    • He will lose Energy per each stack dropper.
    • Enrage will have some kind of visual HUD (as every passive).


Please, for more information about Khepri and compare this new and old info, check the following posts:

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Old Post

  • Scarab Swarm
    • You are taking damage and have lowered Physical Protections.
  • Swarm
    • Buff on Friendly Player
    • Debuff at target
  • Sun
    • Device
  • Passive shield AOE
  • Revive (Ultimate)
    • Revive Timer (This indicates how much time until other player spawns at his location) – Apparently this revives other player.
    • It has a resurrect and a shield. Not sure if shield goes after or before resurrection.

New Skins

  • Odin Skin (Skin 3)
  • Odin Skin (Skin 9) Black Russian
  • Cabrakan Skin (Skin 3)

New Esports Chests

  • Eager
    • EGR Neith
    • EGR Ward
  • London Conspiracy
    • LDNC Poseidon
    • LDNC Ward
  • Epsilon
    • Epsilon Bastet
    • Epsilon Ward
  • Enemy
    • NME Bacchus
    • NME Ward

New Chests

  • Pirate’s Booty
  • Treasure Box: Pirate’s Booty
    • This chest has a chance of giving a rare exclusive item or a chance to roll an extra item. The contents of this chest contains wards, voice packs, and skins (including all 5 Pirates). Obtaining all 5 pirate skins earns you the “All the Booty” achievement.


New Bundles

  • Love Wins Bundle
    • Cupid + Loverboy skin + Gay Pride Icon
  • Gayer Pride
    • Copy of Gay Pride


  • Joust 3v3
    • Joust 3v3 Chinese
  • Conquest
    • Conquest June 2015 Test
    • The current match is in a possible bad state and will automatically close in 30 seconds. Favor will be gifted to your account and no deserter will be given.
    • Greek_Conqv2

Unknown Category

  • Instance Fubar
    • Instance Fubar Reward Bundle

Copies / Touching Gods

Everytime Hi-Rez has copied abilities or touched something so it appears as new we have received similar skills for new gods or remodels/rekits.. so I’m posting what has been touched recently.

  • Chaac
    • Copy of Storm Call
  • Cabrakan
    • Copy of Rampage
  • Bellona
    • Shield Bash
  • Axe Sweep


New Cards

New Portraits

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