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Smite 2 Datamining – Mordred Deep Dive

Smite 2 – Alpha datamining

Data mining provides early insights into what Hi-Rez is developing. However, the data retrieved may not always be crystal clear, leading to potential misinterpretations or inaccuracies. It’s essential to acknowledge that this data is subject to change or may never make it into the final build. Therefore, while skin and content information is typically reliable, details regarding gods, items and game modes can occasionally be inaccurate.

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Smite2Live and Builder

This week Smite 2 Live has received some updates.

  • You can now view God’s info such as stats, abilities and skins.
  • You can also level up god and abilities to see how much damage and effects change
  • There was also some fixes and improves.
  • Spoiler info is now hidden by default, you have to activate the spoiler filter (If you’re in mobile, the filters are hidden by default)
  • Coming soon: The builder will let you select a god and see how items scale your abilities.

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It’s time to take a deep dive of Mordred info. Mordred does not have ability descriptions yet, as some other do, but we can already read and analyze his abilities based on files info.

  • Passive
    • Mordred passive is a fill meter called Wrath.
    • Goes from 0 to 100 value
    • Basic attacks and abilities increases wrath
  • Basic Attack
    • Mordred has a chain of 4 basic attacks
    • Mordred’s basic attacks have big angle and close to 2m of distance.
    • He can stack up to 4 during basic attacks, for the moment this stack is unknown. Once he stacks 4, it goes back to 1
    • He fills 1 of wrath for each basic attack.
  • Ability 1
    • 2 Attacks chain. The first one is a cone and the second one is a line.
    • This ability fills the wrath but only with the first attack.
    • Cone Damage: 55 to 155
    • Cone Scaling: 45% Strength
    • Line Damage: 55 to 155
    • Line Scaling: 65% Strength
    • The ability damage is increased scaling with 30% of your protections
    • Heals: 5 to 25
    • Heal scales with 35% of your protections
    • Cooldown: 10s
    • Cost: 45/55/65/75/85 Mana
  • Ability 2
    • This ability is a big circle area
    • When mordred uses the ability, he fills wrath for each enemy hit
    • This ability gives mordred 4 stacks that are consumed each time you do a basic attack
    • When the stack is used, it gives a protection buff to mordred that lasts 4s
    • The ability buffs Mordred and debuffs enemies.
    • Base Damage: 50 to 210
    • Scaling: 50% of your Strength
    • Mana cost: 50 to 70
    • Buff Duration: 4s
    • Debuff duration: 4s
    • Protection Reduction: -4 to -8
    • Int Scaling: 70% of your intelligence
    • Protection buff: 4 to 8
  • Ability 3
    • A stright line projectile of 9.6m
    • Applies some bleed (does damage over time) and slows enemy
    • Base Damage: 45 to 145
    • Strength Scaling: 60%
    • Bleed Damage: 20 to 40
    • Damage over Time: 10 to 30
    • Damage over time duration: 3s
    • Damage over time tick rate: 0.5s
    • Damage over time Intelligence Scaling: 15%
    • Slow: 30%
    • Slow duration: 3s
    • Mana: 40 to 80
    • Cooldown is 12s
  • Ability 4
    • Mordred’s ultimate is a low cooldown ability.
    • This ability does not consume mana, but uses the pasive wrath meter.
    • Ability is splitted in 2, depending on how much wrath you have.
    • Ability 4 – A
      • This ability is a rectangle ability with 5m range and 1m width.
      • Once fired, Mordred makes an attack forward.
      • The first enemy to be hit is rooted, while the rest of the enemies hit just take the damage.
      • The enemy rooted seems to receive some bleed effect
      • Mordred receives a shieldand heals over time
      • Base Dmage: 80 to 280
      • Strength Scaling: 70%
      • Shield Health: 160 to 320
      • Damage over Time: 30 to 70
      • Damage over time tick rate: 0.3s
      • Damage over time Scaling: 25%
      • Heal Tick Rate: 0.3s
      • Heal Amount: 18 to 50
      • Heal Scaling: 20%
      • Wrath cost: 40
      • Cooldown: 20s
    • Ability 4 – B
      • Mordred attacks forward with a line of 10m long
      • When Mordred uses the ability, he channels during 5s and 2 circles are spawned around him (they move with him) splitted in inner and outer circle.
      • When the ability is channeled, he runs forward until the inner circle hits an enemy.
      • Once the enemy is hit, he does an up attack launching the enemy into the air with him
      • The enemies in the outer circle are stunned and launched into the air like a knock up.
      • After the attack animation in the aire is finished, he then does a down attack pushing the enemy back to the ground.
      • Base Damage Up: 100 to 260
      • Up Attack Scaling: 80% Intelligence
      • Base Damage Down: 85 to 225
      • Down Attack Scaling: 50% Strength
      • Stun: 0,5s
      • Wrath cost: 80
      • Cooldown is 20s

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