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Smite 2 Datamining – Aladdin 3D Model

Smite 2 – Alpha datamining

Data mining provides early insights into what Hi-Rez is developing. However, the data retrieved may not always be crystal clear, leading to potential misinterpretations or inaccuracies. It’s essential to acknowledge that this data is subject to change or may never make it into the final build. Therefore, while skin and content information is typically reliable, details regarding gods, items and game modes can occasionally be inaccurate.

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Previous Datamining

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We finally got a view of Aladdin’s 3D Model, not only the genie!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The model is rendered in Unreal Engine adding the basic textures, it doesn’t represent the final state as there are some texture configurations that are not replicated and may look different, and better, in game. The same with FX and lights.


  • Basic Attack
    • A chain of 5 attacks
    • Makes magical damage and scales with STR
    • Angle: 120 degrees
    • Radius: 3.2m of distance



New Deity Counter

Since Smite 2 will have its own deity counter order, we will be using from now on during 2024 the new order counter. If a new deity appears we will be using still the smite 1 counter as we don’t know how many smite 1 gods will arrive before they’re released in Smite 2.

This is the official god list with the new recent additions:

  • God 1 – Ymir
  • Goddess 2 – Bellona
  • God 3 – Anhur
  • God 4 – Anubis
  • God 5 – Loki
  • God 6 – Bacchus
  • God 7 – Cernunnos
  • God 8 – Chaac
  • God 9 – Kukulkan
  • God 10 – Odin
  • Goddess 11 – Hecate
  • Goddess 12 – Neith
  • God 13 – Fenrir
  • God 14 – Zeus
  • Goddess 15 – Athena
  • God 16 – Hades
  • Goddess 17 – The Morrigan
  • God 18 – Unknown
  • God 19 – Unknown
  • God 20 – Unknown
  • God 21 – Ares
  • Goddess 22 – Sol
  • God 23 – Unknown
  • Unknown # – Aladdin
  • Unknown # – Mordred

Pink text highlights what’s new from this datamining vs what remains from previous datamining.

Upcoming  Deities

Mordred, Thanatos, The Morrigan and Susano should be the next gods arriving.

My personal take on the next ones after (based on file analysis) are: Amaterasu, Hou Yi and Ratatoskr

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