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Smite 2 Datamining – Player Profile, Arena and Other Game Modes

Smite 2 – Alpha datamining

Data mining provides early insights into what Hi-Rez is developing. However, the data retrieved may not always be crystal clear, leading to potential misinterpretations or inaccuracies. It’s essential to acknowledge that this data is subject to change or may never make it into the final build. Therefore, while skin and content information is typically reliable, details regarding gods, items and game modes can occasionally be inaccurate.

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Player Profiles

Hi-Rez is already working in player profiles tab

  • Loadout:
    • Seems like you will be able to equip badges, titles and global emotes
  • There’s a season rank tab
    • Will Smite 2 receive rankeds in 2024? We’ll see in future patches!
  • Match History
    • Important feature, hopefully it’s ready soon!

Game Modes

They already started working in some map and Arena is one of them, which some new features:


  • Classic Arena game mode, with tickets counter
  • Spawns the Minotaur
  • Jump/Launcher Interactable
    • When you interact/activate this object, it launches you forward.
    • It seems to spawn some ground effect when you land with a Knockup
  • Blade Trap / Arena Trap
  • There’s some kind of items/actives specific for Arena
    • Potion Bag:
      • Active: Create 3 multi-potions.
      • Cooldown 60s.
    • Launch Pad:
      • Active: Deploy a launch pad.
      • Cooldown 90s.
      • Can Knockback
      • Can Knockup
      • Does Damage when landing
    • Arena Shield
      • Active: Create a shield that blocks the next attack.
      • Cooldown 90s
    • Arena Sword
      • Active: Your next attack deals +25% damage.
      • Cooldown 120s.
  • Buffs:
    • People’s Favor
      • It seems to work similar to a Fire Giant buff
      • Increased Strength, Intelligence, and Health Regeneration
      • Duration: 30s
  • Traps
    • Arena has also some traps
    • Blades
    • Fire
  • NPCs/Creatures
    • Minotaur
    • Boar

Game Mode NPCs

There are a few NPCs that are currently unknown to what map they belong, but I’ll post them here:

  • Trebuchet
  • Bull Demong King



  • Conquest AI/Co-op Mode
    • AI/Co-op mode is already being worked on
    • Just the usual stuff, you play against bots in conquest

1 Lane

  • 1 Lane Mode
    • There’s also a 1 lane map that is being worked on
    • One of the maps is just 1 Lane
    • The other one is called Rift
    • Can’t link them to anything (Joust or Assault), so make your own ideas based on their shape.



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