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Smite 9.12 Datamining – Just more skins

Season 9.12 PTS Datamining

Datamining is a way of obtaining early data on what Hi-Rez is working. Sometimes the data is not enough clear and our interpretation may be wrong or inaccurate. Due to this, please remember data may change or never reach final build, do not take datamining as real data but an estimation of what’s to come.

Skins and content is usually 100% accurate, but Gods and Gamemodes data is sometimes inaccurate.

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  • Added S9.11 Datamining
  • Added new skins

Smite Board – 3D Models & Voice Packs

Smite Board is a 3D Models & Voicepacks database site. It features also a VGS Simulaltor so you can hear the voice packs or just practice the VGS.

New Skins / Cosmetics

  • Unlinked to any patch
    • Aphrodite
    • Ah Muzen Cab
    • Artemis Skin
    • Cupid (Has a mount?)
    • Chronos Skin
    • Eset / Isis Skin
    • Hel skin
    • Isthar Skin
    • Mulan Skin
    • Nu Wa Skin
    • Sol
    • Tiamat Skin
  • Prime Skins
    • April 2023
  • Patch 10.1
    • Surtr (We can’t confirm him as a god, so if he’s just the npc boss in thew new adventure, he’s coming at 10.1)
    • RWBY Skins
    • Smite Season Pass 2023 with Digital Deluxe edition
    • Buckwheat bundle part 1
      • Jump Stamp, Recall skin, Level up
    • Kukulkan Skin (Adventure related)
    • Arachne Skin (Adventure related)
    • Atlas Skin (Adventure related)
    • Bacchus Skin (Adventure related)
    • Guan Yu Skin (Adventure related)
    • Rama Skin (Adventure related)
  • Patch 10.2
    • Atlas Skin
    • Cliodhna Skin
    • Gilgamesh Skin
    • Hou Yi Skin
    • Horus Skin
    • Jing Wei Skin
    • Lancelot Skin
    • Morgan Le Fay Skin
    • Shiva Skin
    • Tiamat Skin
    • Yu Huang Skin
    • Nickelodeon
      • Zim, Slime, Nigel
    • Buckwheat bundle part 2
      • Fountain, Global emote, Death Stamp, Ward
  • Patch 10.3
    • Eset (Isis) Skin

Pink text highlights what’s new from this pts datamining vs what remains from previous datamining.

Season 10 Conquest

First mentions for s10 conquest

  • Deployable Buffs
    • Damage, Mana, Void and Support buff
  • Dryad & Elder Dryad

Deity 124 – Unknown (Probably cancelled/postponed)

First mentions to g124 already added. No info for now.

Added Deity 124 as cancelled for now, as g125 seems to have more information and it looks like they’re jumping from 124 to 125.

Deity 125 – Unknown

First mentions to g125 already added.


  • There’s a Surtr Skin 1 and Skin 2, that is usually only for gods!
    • We think this could point to Surtr as a playable god, but the title of man eater doesn’t fit with him
    • Another theory is that the character could be a giant like polyphemus and they copied surtr to prototype him, which would lead to this confusion
  • Group effect device
    • Your Physical Protections and Healing are reduced
    • You have increased Lifesteal and Ability Lifesteal
    • Increases Attack Speed
  • Has a slow
  • Spawns explosive barbs that can stuck other people in
  • Since deity 124 was cancelled, we have a theory that the files will consider deity 125 as the next one to come in January, jumping from 124 to 125. We’ll see.
  • Title: King of the Man-Eaters (NPCs doesn’t get titles, so this is the main clue to think manticore is coming)
  • Candidates:
    • Manticore -> Name literally means Man-eater
    • Polyphemus ->  Polyphemus first appeared as a savage man-eating giant in the ninth book of the Odyssey
    • Antiphatês as /u/Ea50Marduk pointed
    • Typhon
    • Lamia & Ammit would be discarded as they are female, so not a king.
  • Would be hunter, physical damage
  • Medium area Damage and medium damage to single target

Season 10 Deities

Season 10 god lineups, for the moment we have no guesses as there’s no info yet.

  • Deity 124 – Unknown Name
    • Coming in January
  • Deity 125 – Unknown Name
    • Coming in February

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