Monday , 25 September 2023

Paladins Datamining – Monty

Meet monty (Or Warrior) a big and strong champion who comes to smash it all.


Monty looks like a warrior (Seems to be crafted from cabrakan) so it’s big, his role seems to be running around the battlefield tanking damage and running to enemies to kill ’em all.

Also, some of his assets looks like from Ruckus, so they all may not pertain to Monty, but are shared ones since the champion is not finished.

  • Weapon & Stats
    • Rifle
    • Leaps and Spins
  • Boomerang Projectile
  • Mace Projectile
  • Leap
    • AOE effect when he lands.
  • Warrior Rage Healing
    • Heals from taking damage
  • Warrior Ravage Charge
  • Warrior Roar AoE
  • Warrior Spinning Strike
  • Shotgun Weapon
  • Has a knockback

Monty’s Images Gallery

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