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Smite 4.10 Live Datamining – Code of Cavalry Event

4.10 Live Datamining: Code of Cavalry event

Post is now  in finished stage. All important data has been added.

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4.10 PTS Datamining

You can read 4.10 PTS Datamining here if you want to know more about Artio and Cu Chulainn

New Skins

  • Anubis (Skin 9)
  • Camazotz (Skin 5)
  • Nox (Skin 6)
  • Tyr (Skin 8)
  • Skins below may arrive in future patches.
  • Cupid (Skin 8)
    • Cupid skin is probably something with claws
  • Odin (Skin 7)
    • Odin skin is probably a summer one
  • Aphrodite (Skin 7)
  • Osiris (Skin 5 & Skin 6)
    • Dark Night
    • White Knight

Code of Cavalry

There’s a new event coming called Code of Cavalry. I have no real clue on how it will work but it seem to be a bunch of quests with a bundle. We have seen extra events at the same time as we had an adventure (Egyptian event) so it’s probably just another event like Egypt/Celtic.

There’s also a chance of Osiris skins coming in this event as it’s a knight themed skin, but it doesn’t appear for now.

  • Knight’s / Code of Cavalry Quest Theme – Quest Event
    • Tyr Dragon Knight / Rider, Loading Frame, Fire Giant Ward, and Knight’s Quest Event
  • General Info – !New
    • Begin your Quest to the Castle
    • Play 1 PvP Match
  • Creatures
    • Hound of Ulster
    • Titan Slam
  • Quests / Activities
    • Some of this quest may be wrong or not relationated at all with the event, there’s no way to know it, sorry.
    • A golden take
    • Savior of village
    • Town raider
    • The villagers warn you against the dragon’s den. 
    • Alert, dragon! 
    • Threat of the dragon! 
    • Exploit hroque
    • You force the mysterious knight to kill the dragon
    • Slayer of Boxes
    • You are the noble believer. 
    • The noble believe
    • The Black Knight
    • A new friendship
    • Ask the mysterious knight to join you or kill him. 
    • You are me!
    • Preparations for Combat
    • Rendezvous
    • Forward! 
    • Attack of the trickle
    • Pull, pull, pull! 
    • Infiltrate yourself in the castle
    • Quest for cash 1
    • Quest of the Treasury 2
    • Quest of the Treasury 3
    • Cross the Grotto of Despair. 
    • You can choose up to 8 quests, sometimes you can choose between 2 or 3 of them.
    • 1st Row of Quests
    • Save a Village From Bandits
      • Play 1 Conquest Match
    • 2nd Row of Quests
    • Steal From The Villagers With The Bandits
      • Play 1 Arena Match
    •  3rd Row of Quests
    • VIllagers Tell You Of The Dragon In His Lair
      • Get 5 Objective Kills as a team
      • Defeat 100 Minions
    • 4th Row of Quests
    • Help a Mysterious Knight Defeat The Dragon, He Chooses To Join You
      • Play 1 Game as a Warrior or Guardian
      • Play 1 Game as a Hunter or Assassin or Mage
    • 5th Row of Quests
    • You Are The Light Knight
      • Mitigate 20,000 Damage
    • You Are The Dark Knight
      • Earn 3 Kills
    • Persuade The Mysterious Knight To Join You
      • Play 1 Clash
    • 6th Row of Quests
    • Blackmail The Mysterious Knight Into Joining You
      • Play 1 Joust Match
    • 7th Row of Quests
    • Make Your Way To The Castle In The Distance!
      • Earn 20 Kills And/Or Assists
    • 8th Row of Quests
    • Siege Castle With Dung Trebuchet And Make Them Flee!
      • Earn 20 kills and/or Assists
    • Siege Castle With Trebuchet That Shoots Fireballs.
      • Deal 40,000 Damage
    • 9th Row of Quests 
    • Infiltrate Castle And Have Epic Fight With Tyr Knight
      • Win 1 Match

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