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Smite PTS Datamining v3.4.3296.0 – More Jing Wei info and new skins

New Datamining patch where we get more info about Jing Wei, there are also some new skins in the future patches!

Post should be finished now, anyway it may get any update if I’m able to find anything new in newer scans.

Please remember this is Datamining and not everything may end coming in Live client.

Jing Wei

There are new unknown skills for Jing Wei, if you want to read latest datamining Jing Wei skills, click here or here.

  • Jing Wei Dev 2
    • When exiting the fountain, Jing Wei ascends into the sky and flies unimpeded at an increased speed. \nShe can fire / cancel the ability to exit early.
    • Duration: 12s
  • Unknown Name
    • Jing Wei transforms her crossbow to launch much larger arrows. Once this ability is ranked she instantly gains 2 ammo and continues to gain 1 ammo every 20 seconds until a maximum of 6 shots are stored. She may shoot any number of shots at a time.
    • Damage: 160,190,220,250,280 +60% of your physical power
    • cost: 100
    • cooldown : 0.5s


For susano skills there seems like there are not any new skill, so you can read his current build in this datamining post.

New Skins

  • Added in this patch files
    • Xing Tian Tiermonster
  • To be Added in future patches
    • Apollo
    • Odin
    • Hades
    • Guan Yu
    • Neith
    • Vamana

Possible Related to Arena Mode

  • Underworld Arena Lava
    • Damage volume in Underworld Arena
    • Lava Damage

Promotions & Bundles

  • china bundle
    • Poseidon + King of the deep
    • Devil Horn Raijin + Heavy Metal Thor
  • Summer time chest
    • Each Summertime chest has a chance of unlocking one of the items displayed.

New Cards & Icons

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