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Smite 4.1 Live Datamining – S4 Season Ticket

Season 4 is here, what can we expect from now on?

Post is now under finished phase. It means there’s no more planned updates, anyway stay tuned until tomorrow in the case I may find anything extra.

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Smite Board – 3D Models & Voice Packs

Smite Board is a new site I opened for a database style website. The idea is to have all the voice packs, sound themes and 3D Models available for everyone with just a simple website search.

Site also features a VGS Simulator under voice packs area so you can test the voicepacks.

S4 – Season Ticket

Not sure if all the next recalls are going to be added into season ticket rewards.

  • New Recalls
    • Celtic Recall
    • Egyptian Recall
    • Greek Recall
    • Mayan Recall
    • Roman Recall
    • ——
    • Autumn Recall
    • Ranked Summer Recall
    • Ranked Fall Recall

Below here it’s only 4.1 Datamining from last posts.

New skins

The following skins are meant to arrive in the next patches.

  • Jing Wei (3D Model above)
  • Ah Muzen Cab
  • Fafnir
  • Nox
  • Susano


G86 (Cernunnos) – Next Celtic God

Again Hi-Rez has hided the name of the next Celtic God. We’ll see if we can get who it is from the info we get from Datamining.

G86 is somehow attached to seasonal events that may affect how it works? If this is true, as file says, we should be a bit closer to know the role of the next god.

Was able to get the name, so next celtic god is Cernunnos.

  • Seasonal Winter Effect – Winter Season Grants % slow to auto attacks.
  • Seasonal Spring Effect – Silence enemies after receiving magical damage.
  • Seasonal Summer Effect – Summer season grants bleed on auto attacks.
  • Seasonal Fall Effect – Fall season grants bonus penetration.
  • IMPORTANT – These effects were near the season ticket lines. I’m not quite sure if these affects will apply to EVERYONE or just G86 since it’s only G86 who has some refferences at “X season effects”.
  • #1 Ability – Bramble Blas
    • Projectile
    • Explodes after X range (As Isis ball)
    • Explodes on Target
  • #2 Ability
  • #3 Ability
    • Charges
  • #4 Ability – The Wild Hunt
    • The model may change or receive some objetcs attached to it. Not sure how to explain it.

Kuzenbo – King Kappa

Kuzenbo is the next Japanese Guardian to arrive to Smite.

  • #1 Ability – Nene Kappa
    • Projectile & can bounce through targets
    • Can hit up to a max of 3 times per target (Looks like nezha ability)
    • Reduce cooldown?
    • Dash
  • #2 Ability – Shell Spikes
    • May work with passive stacks? or something that stacks.
    • Gives protections and Can be maxed with stacks?
    • Max protections 15?
    • Toggle skill
  • #3 Ability – Sumo Push
    • Pushes enemy?
  • #4 Ability – Turtle Thrash
    • Hit multiples targets
    • Can be interrumpted
    • Aura?

Challenges / Adventures

Challenges (Also knows as Adventures) are coming to Smite in Season 4. These mini adventures will be similar to what we have been experiencing with Xing Tian’s Mountain, Fafnir’s Wonderland or Celtic Event. Obviously they will be a lot different as they are introducing new game modes, or challenges so it’s not only a PVE round game mode as we got with the previous 2 events.

In order to read a more elaborated post about this info, please check this post.

  • Challenge 01 – Capture the Flag (Match queue)
    • Flag
    • Flag Base
    • Flag Carrier Debuff
    • Flag can be thrown (Both yourself or someone can make you throw it)
    • Dirt – Reducing movement speed by 50%
    • Speed – Increasing movement speed by 20%
    • Peach – Deployable
  • Challenge 02 – Door Siege (Match queue)
    • Your door has been destroyed!
    • Door will be repaired in 60 seconds
    • Ricochet
    • Protection – You gain a 2000 health shield.
    • Speed – You gain 25% movement speed.
    • Potion – Recover 25% of your Health and Mana over 5 seconds.
    • Charge – Unknown info
    • Shield – Unknown info
    • Bash – Unknown info
    • Toss – Unknown info
  • Challenge 03 – Racing (Match queue)
    • Racing mode with laps and checkpoints.
    • It’s a competition as we have placements.
    • Seems to ride a vehicle, my best bet is it’s a Chariot.

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