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Paladins OB 54 Datamining – Demon, Owl and Jenos (Astro)

Owl, Lian and Astro are almost ready to join the realm!

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Cosmetics & Promotions

  • Demon (Steampunk)?
  • Ash – (Samurai)
  • Kinessa – (Neon)
  • Lex (Necro)
  • Lian – (Condemn)
  • Maeve – (DJ)
  • Mal – Damba (Villain) – Only Weapon
  • Seris – (Community)
  • Skye – (Ninja)
  • Torvald – (Steampunk, Cosmic Mastery, Obsidian Mastery)
  • Viktor – (Space)
  • Willo (Dark Ember)
  • Halloween Event
    • New map


Demon seems to be the newest added god, the order should be Jenos (Astro) -> Owl -> Demon if nothing changes.

Demon also has a few things which Owl had, so we’re probably talking of the same champion, or maybe not.

  • Wave
  • E Support
  • Weapon Zoom Fov
    • I guess he can zoom from 77 to 45 Fov
    • When you shoot the camera shakes


There’s not much info other than this as far as I was able to find.

  • Rifle, scope
  • Side arm
    • You have 2 weapons
    • You can swap between the weapons
    • The first weapon is a rifle
    • Seems like the second weapon may be something more accurate or maybe a scoped weapon
  • Sealth
    • You can cancel the sealth
    • You can shoot in stealth I guess
  • Space Time
  • Flashbang
  • Quick Switch
  • Flare

Jenos (Astro)

This is astro, looks like a future themed character based on space, zodiac and light speed, I’m really interested into seeing how he is.

  • SKILL – Astral Mark
    • Marks an objective
  • SKILL – Light Speed
    • Increases speed
  • SKILL – Gravity Lift
  • TALENT – Celestial Touch
    • [Astral Mark] When you cast Astral Mark on an ally} they are immediately healed for 15% of their Maximum Health.
  • TALENT – The Power Cosmeum
    • [Force Lift] Enemies affected by Force Lift are also crippled
  • NEW! – Unknown Name
    • [Gravity Lift] If a victim of Gravity Lift dies within 5s of being hit by the ability, reduce all active cooldowns by 15/30/45/60%.
  • NEW! -Dead Space
    • [Astral Mark] Astral Mark heals you for 30/60/90/120 Health per second while active on an ally.
  • CHANGED! – Space Jam
    • [Light Speed] Increase your jump height by 10/20/30/40% while using Light Speed.
    • [Light Speed] Increase your jump height by 15/30/45/60% while using Light Speed.
  • Relativity
  • Lorentz Configuration
    • [Weapon] Gain 2/4/6/8 Ammo.
  • Inertia
    •  [Armor] You cannot be slowed below 50/60/70/80%.
  • Penumbra
    • [Armor] Gain 10/20/30/40% increased Healing when below 50% Health.
  • Sidereal
    • [Armor] Gain 75/150/225/300 Health.
  • Astral Cycle
    • [Astral Mark] Increase the duration of Astral Mark by .5s / 1s / 1.5s / 2s
  • Lightyears
    • [Astral Mark] Increase Astral Mark’s range by 10/20/30/40%.
  • Retrograde
    • [Astral Mark] Reduce the Cooldown of Astral Mark by .5/1/1.5/2s
  • Gravity Well
    • [Gravity Lift] Decrease the cooldown of Gravity Lift by 1/2/3/4s.
  • Tractor Beam
    • [Gravity Lift] Increase the Range you can use Gravity Lift by 10/20/30/40%.
  • Vacuum
    • [Gravity Lift] Enemies affected by Gravity Lift recieve 15/30/45/60% reduced healing.
  • Cosmic Barrier
    • [Light Speed] Gain 8/16/24/32% damage reduction while using Light Speed.
  • Hyperspace
    • [Light Speed] Increase the speed bonus of Light Speed by 5/10/15/20%.
  • Solar Sails
    • [Light Speed] Gain 2/4/6/8 ammo per second during Light Speed.


They are applying Rankeds, the same way smite works. 5 Divisions per each Rank (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond) plus Master & Grandmaster

  • Quests with Rewards
    • Qualify in ranked
    • Reach Gold 5
    • Win 100 Games
    • Win 200 Games
    • Play 25 Games

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