Monday , 22 October 2018

Is Smite reaching mobile and tablets? What is Smite Rivals and Smite Tactics?

Under 3.17 Datamining we discovered a new skins for Bellona called “Rivals” with a logo that shows SMITE RIVALS. Now we’ve seen trademarks being registered by Hi-Rez Studios.

After checking the new Hi-Rez Studios trademarks I have found 2 new curios trademarks registrations along some others.

Smite Rivals and Smite Tactics

Both things looks like online features related to mobiles and tablets. Is Smite getting a new app for coordinating Smite features or is Smite reaching mobiles tablets as a standalone game? Feel free to share your opinions.

  • Video-game software; video-game software that may be downloaded from a global computer network; video-game software for use on mobile devices, tablets, and cellular phones; video-game software for use on standalone clients
  • Entertainment services in the nature of an online interactive game provided by means of a global computer network; providing information online relating to video-games, online video-games, video­ game entertainment and amusement activities, and multiplayer online video-game cooperation and competitions; publishing of electronic publications
  • Providing online chat rooms and bulletin boards for transmission, reception, and sharing of messages by means of electronic or optical communications networks, all in the fields of video-game entertainment or amusement activities and multiplayer online video-game cooperation and competitions

Hi-Rez Productions

They also registered Hi-Rez Productions trademark even tho we’ve seen there’s an existing company named Hirez Productions so we’ll see what happens with that one.

  • Advertising and marketing services; advertising market research and analytics
  • Webcasting services
  • Entertainment services, namely, multimedia production services; Entertainment and educational services in the nature of on-line competitions in the field of entertainment, education, culture, sports, and other non-business and non-commercial fields


They also registered VGS and Voice Guidance System, we all know what’s this related to.

  • Providing virtual chat rooms established via text messaging; instant messaging services; web messaging

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