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Smite PTS 3.17 Datamining – Thoth comes after Camazotz

Camazotz brings more info while Thoth makes his first appear. Lore lady joins the announcer pack team.

Post is now under finished phase, everything is datamined but we can still have missing some info found in deep scans. Please check again another day!

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New Voice Packs


Thoth has been spotted by first time and according to Odyssey next god after Camazotz is an egyptian one, so we’re pretty sure it’s him.
  • General Info
    • Has a Dash (Can’t link to a skill yet)
    • Possible double leap
  • Skill 1 – Glyph of Judgement
    • Projectile
  • Skill 2 – Assault Shooter
  • Skill 3 – Speed Glyph
    • Deployable
    • There’s a new mechanic, if an ally shoots a projectile throught the Glyph it grants a bonus or something. Still studying this, keep an eye later please.
  • Skill 4 Ultimate – Hieroglyphic Assault
    • Projectile


If you want to know more about Camazotz read the previous 3.15 Datamining by clicking here.
  • Description: Deadly God of Bats
  • Passive – Essence Pool
    • Heal
  • Skill – Camazotz Essence
    • Deployable
  • Skill 2 – Vampire Bats
    • Slowed and Damaged Over Time
  • Skill 3 – SiphonPower
    • AOE ability
  • Ultimate –  Deadly Bite (Stated as OLD – Maybe unused)
    • Description: Camazotz flies straight up then chooses a ground target and latches onto the closest enemy god silencing them and damaging over time while healing himself. Camazotz takes reduce damage while channeling but if he takes 25% of his HP he is knocked off early. If he channels for the full duration he is healed and enemy gods under 15% hp when the channel finishes will be executed
    • Damage: 200,350,500,650,800 +100% of your Physical Power
    • Cost: 100
    • Cooldown: 90s

New Skins

As seen in Datamining 3.16, there’s a large list of gods with upcoming skins.

This list is the skins appearing in 3.17 patch as new

  • Awilix
  • Bellona Rivals
    • This is a cross promotion with rivals
    • Also a Ward Smite Rivals
  • Boss TwitchYmir
  • Fenrir Wolfman
  • Hades Chibi / Cute
  • Ne Zha

This list is the already known new skins in 3.16 Datamining and still unreleased

Some of the following skins are from Odyssey 2017. We can’t really match which one is from odyssey but you have a small description of every skin under Odyssey section, feel free to match them.
  • Arachne Tormentula
  • Agni Gemini
  • Ao Kuang
  • Bakasura
  • Bellona
  • Camazotz Jurassic
  • Erlang Shen
  • Fenrir
  • Hel
  • Isis Celestial
  • Izanami Plague-Bearer
  • Neith Scarlet Dangerfiel
  • Scylla
  • Sylvanus
  • Terra
  • Thor Barbarian
  • Tyr

New Chests


Maps – Season 4 Conquest

Not sure if it’s from Season 4 conquest or xing tian mountain yet, but I’ll leave it here

  • Tower CAPTURED Missile
  • Tower Missile

Xing Tian Mountain

  • Round 5 = Odyssey Chest
  • Round 25 = Exclusive Avatar


  • Odyssey Info
    • Welcome to the 2017 Odyssey! A mysterious evil has corrupted the world, only a powerful mage of light can defeat the forces of this darkness. All 21 Odyssey items can be obtained through direct purchase and collection bonus items can be earned by collecting Odyssey points through completing Odyssey quests.
    • There are 21 items corresponding to every 21 Odyssey levels, each requiring 3500 Odyssey Points to unlock.
    • Exclusive collection bonuses are unlocked every 3 levels, ending with the T5 Anubis skin.
    • The Odyssey journey will end once we have reached the 2017 SMITE World Championships in Atlanta on January 8th, 2017.
    • Each Odyssey item purchased comes with a FREE ODYSSEY CHEST that can be claimed in the Reward Center or on the Odyssey Collection Bonuses page!
  • Quest Info
    • Each Odyssey quest rewards 500 Odyssey points.
    • Odyssey Points can ONLY unlock collection bonuses.
    • Each Patch 7 new Odyssey quests will be released and only one Odyssey quest can be completed per day.
    • All Odyssey quests will expire on the LAST day of the Odyssey (Jan 8th, 2017).
  • Lady of the Lore
    • First Announcer pack in the odyssey.
    • She pronounces the lore let her announce your penta-kill!
  • Chaac Announcer Pack
    • Second Announcer pack in the odyssey.
  • HUD Theme
    • New Hud theme for the odyssey.

Odyssey Quests

  • Japanese Quests
    • Get to Round 5 in Cage Match.
    • Get 30k player damage.
    • Win 2 Games.
    • Play a Japanese God in 1 Game.
    • Play an Assassin in 1 Game.
    • Get 2 First Wins of the Day
  •  Chinese Quests
    • Play 3 Games of Joust.
    • Earn 30K Gold.
    • Win 2 Games
    • Play a Chinese God in 2 games.
    • Get to round 3 in Cage Match.
    •  Kill the Bull Demon King 2 times.
    •  Get 2 FWOTDP
  •  Hindu & Egyptian Quests
    • Get 50 assists.
    • Win 2 Games
    • Play an Egyptian God in 2 games.
    • Play a Hindu God in 1 game.
    • Play a Hunter in 1 Game.
    • Get 2 FWOTD
  • Greek Quests
    • Win 2 Games
    • Get 2 First Wins of the Day
    • Play 2 Games as a Greek God
    • Play 2 Games of Clash
    • Kill the Fire Giant as a Team
    • Play 2 Games as a Warrior
    • Win 2 Games
  • Roman Quests
    •  Get 2 First Wins of the Day
    • Earn 30k Gold
    • Play 2 Games as a Roman God
    • Play 2 Games of Arena
    • Kill 6 Towers as a Team
    • Play 2 Games in a Party
    • Win 2 Games
  • Norse Quests
    • Get 2 First Wins of the Day
    • Get 50 Kills and/or Assists
    • Play 2 Games as a Norse God
    • Play 2 Games of Assault
    • Kill the Gold Fury as a Team
    • Play 2 Games as a Guardian
    • Win 2 games
  • Mayan Quests
    • Get 2 First Wins of the Day
    • Play 2 Games as a Mayan God
    • Play a Game of Siege
    • Kill the Gold Fury as a Team
    • Play 2 Games as a Mage
    • Deal 30k Player Damage
    • Play 3 Games
  • Bonus Quests
    • Get Kills/Assists
    • Gain Worshippers
    • Complete 25 rounds in one match of the Xing Tian’s Mountain event.

Odyssey Lore

Lore 0

Atop the snow strewn peak of Mount Fuji, an unnatural formation of black clouds coalesced. They churned and roiled like a feeding beast, blotting the sun from the sky. Just beneath, at the smoking rim of the volcano, Xing Tian, headless, as always, victoriously raised shield and axe overhead and bellowed with fevered glee, green fiery face lighting the false night. Gone was his usual code of honor. Gone was his instinct to protect and serve. Transformed, he was, by malice, under the seething mass of darkness. At his command, waves of foul creatures descended to the town at the base of the mountain, sending the people screaming for their lives and setting homes ablaze.

Black hair blowing in a cherry blossom breeze, Amaterasu rushed toward the conflict, whirling among the embers and panicked mortals. A flash of steel from her blade, Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, smote Xing Tian’s forces mid-stride. Sword clinked against scabbard. Amaterasu glared up the mountain. Xing Tian, laughing, sent more forces into the burning village. Amaterasu narrowed her eyes. This would end only when Xing Tian was stopped.

Amaterasu went up the mountain.

Lore 1

Each step she took was like pushing against the gale that turned the Earth. But on she climbed, goaded ever onward by the echo of Xing Tian’s hideous laughter.

Denied the light of the Sun, the source of her power, Amaterasu grew feebler with each passing moment. Xing Tian’s forces, bolstered by the bruise-colored cloud above, seemed fiercer, more capable, the further she climbed. But she cut them down all the same. Relentlessly she strode. Relentlessly she struck. And endlessly, her enemies fell before her.

And then, she reached the peak. At last she arrived at the source of the laughter.

Xing Tian’s headless shoulders shook with dark mirth. Amaterasu’s shoulders heaved with exhaustion. She pointed her blade at the dishonored soldier. It dripped with grime from a thousand slain foes.

“Cease this slaughter,” she commanded with all her might. “And you shall be spared.”

Xing Tian’s giant axe rang against growling shield, the sound cracking across the heavens like drums of war. “To face me is death!” declared the burning maw upon his chest. “To flee… is death!”

In unison they sped toward each other. Two Gods upon the shadowed peak.

Lore 2

Xing Tian’s mighty axe split the air and cracked the earth where once Amaterasu stood. Though her strength was drained with the absence of the Sun, her speed was not so diminished and she danced aside the crushing blow. From behind Xing Tian, she slashed, a crescent shaped strike the would have split a mountain, but Xing Tian’s shield bore the blow, sparing only a few sparks from the impact. Then, without warning, Xing Tian struck her with his shield. Her sword went spinning into the darkness. Her body fell hard to snow covered ground.

“So this is defeat?” she tasted the bitter words, closing her eyes as Xing Tian raised his axe.

“Not yet,” growled her brother’s voice as axe met steel. Above her stood Susano, rugged and unclean, but hale as his wide sword deflected the axe. Roaring ferociously, he pushed against his blade, heaving the hulking Xing Tian to the ground.

“This,” said Susano, “is victory.”

Above them, the churning cloud, as if possessed by grim intention, twisted and turned, hurtling Westward with the sinking sun.

Xing Tian’s spectral eyes blinked and cleared. He took in the surroundings as though waking from a dream. “What – what have I done?”

“Nothing of your own will, it seems.” Susano answered, staring into the sunset as the black cloud flew on.

Lore 3 –

Blue-green seafoam stirred in the morning light, drawn outward toward the submerged palace of Ao Kuang. Building and stacking, the waves converged, ever slowly, ever surely constructing a tower of destructive force, a tsunami to crush the Jade Empire once and for all. All this, under the unnaturally bleak black clouds that had settled above the Dragon Lord’s keep. Undoubtedly, Ao Kuang was now victim to its malicious influence – and the great wave, a calling of his creation.

Susano set foot upon these foreign shores, uncertain of the welcome he would receive, but determined to find the source behind the evil cloud. Spurred by haste, the ship that carried him from his homeland, rose anchor and made for safer harbor, but the towing sea dragged it out and crushed it under the growing waves.

City streets were bare. Susano heard no sound of crowds or commerce. Only eerie silence. Then, a guttural animal growl. Susano drew his blade, red morning light gleaming on its surface. From behind an empty hut lurched a celestial hound, back arched, fangs bared, eyes black as oil. It stalked slowly, herding its prey, slavering in anticipation of the kill.

Possessed, the beast was, as Xing Tian before. Susano breathed deep and prepared to fight.

Lore 4 –

Hound and God circled each other. Beast with head low, spines raised, teeth bared; God with jaw set, twin fisted grip locked white-knuckle firm on the handle of his blade. Snarling, the dog leapt. Fueled by the darkness’ evil, it covered the distance with impossible speed. Susano was taken to the ground, the hound’s foaming maw snapping just inches from his face.

“HEEL!” boomed the voice of Erlang Shen.

Yet the hound did not obey its master.

“HEEL!” came the command again, this time deep enough to rumble the earth. Whimpering, the canine tucked tail and fled. Gone was the rabid gleam to its eye, replaced by remorse. The spell broken.

Ruefully, Susano regained his feet, though his weapon, he found, had been retrieved by Erlang Shen.

“You are far from home,” said the warrior-sage. “The sky darkens and all manner of beasts have grown hostile at your coming. Why should I spare your life.

”Susano snorted. “Slay me if you wish, but I do not come to quarrel. I come only to stop that evil which plagues your shores. For it once plagued mine. Will you aid me or hinder me?”

As he spoke, a dark shadow was cast over the pair. Looking up, the great tsunami had come.

“I will aid you,” whispered Erlang Shen.

Lore 5 –

Erlang Shen raced up the side of a nearby building as though the pull of the earth had no say. Leaping from the great height, his form shifted into that of a massive bird. Facing the oncoming tidal wave, he swept his wings in huge arcs, drawing a torrent of wind to push back the tsunami. Against this gale, the wave paused, halting at the apex. But for Erlang Shen, the tidal force was too strong and on it came again.

Best flap harder,” chortled Sun Wukong. “Or you could ask for help.”

“From you?” grunted Erlang Shen. “Never!”

“Don’t be a fool,” the Monkey King retorted. “Lives are more important than your pride!”

Without further askance, Sun Wukong too leapt into the air and transformed into an enormous bird. Together, the two gods flapped their wings, straining against the oncoming tide and, at last, countered the tsunami.

“Impressive,” Susano begrudged as the shapeshifting Gods returned to their humanoid forms. Above, the dark cloud twisted, abandoning Ao Kuang, and sped overhead. Westward, again. “But I cannot linger,” he told them. “I have a cloud to catch!”

Susano sprinted West.

Lore 6 –

Against the black of night, against the seething cloud, a storm of fire swirled. At its approach, the dark cloud retreated as though frightened to burn, only to redouble and attack from the opposite direction. Endlessly this dance continued; back and forth the forces of darkness and the forces of flame advanced and retreated. Embers dropped from the sky like rain.

Fingers arched, arms straining in arcane gestures, double headed Agni conducted the fiery maelstrom from his watch atop the golden palace dome. Sweat slid from his twin brows as he battled the shadow cloud.

Upon this, did Susano lay eyes when arriving in Aryavarta.

“You have come at an opportune time, Susano, if you wish to slay me,” Agni grunted, his attention and effort cast completely upward.

“Not this day,” Susano conceded. “I come to combat this black cloud that covers you.”

“No cloud is this, wanderer!” Fire flared at Agni’s command and a lone silhouette tumbled from above. A tiny corpse, blackened and charred beyond recognition, evident only that the beast had wings. A bird or bat, perhaps. Above, the cloud churned, millions of swooping creatures.

“This is a God’s power, sent to curse us all,” Agni declared. “If you would truly aid us, Seek the Weaver. She will know from whom this comes.”

Lore 7 –

Ravaged by the ongoing war, the Kingdom of the Sun billowed black smoke from a thousand wounds, but the sky above remained otherwise clear. Susano, for once, arrived before the darkness. Collapsed were the city gates. Crushed were the market stalls. From high windows, the people spied Susano with faces of suspicion and fear.

A hot breeze blew against the back of his neck. Susano spun, blade ringing as it came free.

Before him stood Neith, Weaver of Fate. Lithe of frame, bright of smile, but eyes sad as a funeral. Eyes that peered through skin to expose the soul beneath.

“I heard you were looking for me,” her bow gripped in one hand, strung with threads of fate, but not drawn.

“From where did you hear this?” Susano grip tightened on his blade.

“From here,” she said placing a delicate finger on his chest. Over his heart.

Susano’s guard fell like autumn leaves. “I must know who attacks us with a cloud of beasts.”

“Your thread of Fate is worn,” she said. “Thin. You cannot defeat this enemy until you strengthen it.”

Susano straightened. “How?”

Neith’s smile faltered. “You must decide what you fight for.”

Lore 8 –

Silence stood between Susano and Neith like a stone monolith.

“Once,” Susano slowly sheathed his massive blade, “I fought for myself. For my own glory. For vanity. My sister, Amaterasu, suffered for this and the world was darker for it.”

“And now?” Neith stepped close enough that Susano could hear her whisper.

Eyes downcast, he sighed. “Now, I fight so my sister will forgive me.”

Like a wisp in the breeze, Neith circled him. “Your sister has forgiven you, Susano. Your strength does not come from her, but from within. You will always be diminished until you forgive yourself. Until you once again fight for yourself, but without vanity.”

In this moment, jackal-headed Anubis appeared from the shadows and bowed regally to Neith. “You called. I answer. What do you require?”

“Susano hunts a God that wields powers of the underworld. Power over death. Though, I cannot tell whom. You are a God of the underworld. Aid him and stop this threat.”

“Three there are,” Anubis growled. “Hades and Hel to the North. But a new God has surfaced to the West. A bat beast. He shall I flush out if you go North.”

Susano nodded and Anubis vanished into darkness.

“Remember,” Neith delicately touched his shoulder. “Without vanity. Only then will your strength return.”

Promotional Content

As you know datamining is hard because there’s no reference, so I’m adding a lot of content which seems to be skin or item descriptions as Unknown Origin until i can figure with your help what’s they related to
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