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Smite PTS 3.16 Datamining

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Smite PTS 3.16 Datamining with latest info

Post is now under end phase. 99% Info is displayed but still I may have missed something, it will be added in future scans, keep an eye during this week to the post!

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If you want to know more about Camazotz read the previous 3.15 Datamining by clicking here.
  • Passive – Essence Pool
    • Heal
    • Pool can be destroyed
  • Bat
    • Buff
    • Stun

General Mechanics

Apparently they added a different way of stealth, some are revealed with wards some aren’t. Probably working into something everyone has asked!

  • Stealth – Ward Revealed
    • Stealth that is visible by wards

New Skins

Likely most of the following skins are for Odyssey 2017. Please be aware some skin names may be wrong but it’s what file says right now.

  • Amaterasu Foxy (Oddysey)
  • Arachne Tormentula (Oddysey)
  • Agni Gemini (Oddysey)
  • Ao Kuang
  • Awilix
  • Bakasura
  • Bellona
  • Camazotz Jurassic (Oddysey)
  • Erlang Shen
  • Fenrir
  • Hades Chibi / Cute
  • Hel
  • Isis Celestial
  • Izanami Plague-Bearer (Oddysey)
  • Neith Scarlet Dangerfiel (Oddysey)
  • Nu Wa Classic (Oddysey)
  • Scylla
  • Susano Mech Samurai (Oddysey)
  • Sylvanus
  • Terra
  • Thor Barbarian (Oddysey)
  • Tyr
  • Ymir (Skin 10)

New Chests

  • Treasure Chest MidAutumn
    • NoxBunny
  • Treasure Chest FACEIT
  • Radioactive chest
    • Watch out this chest is radioactive!
    • This chest has a chance of giving a rare exclusive item or a chance to roll an extra item. The contents of this chest includes skins} wards} and voice packs.

Odyssey 2017

  • General Info / Possible Rewards
    • Odyssey Point Tracker
    • Odyssey Level 1
      •  Odyssey Chest + Classic Nu Wa
    • Odyssey Level 2
      • Susano Mech Samurai + 3500 OP + Classic Nu Wa
    • Odyssey Level 3
      • Loading Frame + 3500 OP
    • Odyssey Level 4
    • Odyssey Level 5
    • Odyssey Level 6
      •  Odyssey Chest + Recall
    • Odyssey Level 7
    • Odyssey Level 8
    • Odyssey Level 9
      • Odyssey Chest + T3 Izanami
    • Odyssey Level 10
    • Odyssey Level 11
    • Odyssey Level 12
      • Odyssey Chest + Pedestal
    • Odyssey Level 13
    • Odyssey Level 14
    • Odyssey Level 15
      • Odyssey Chest + T2.5 Skin
    • Odyssey Level 16
    • Odyssey Level 17
    • Odyssey Level 18
      • Odyssey Chest + T5 Skin
    • Odyssey Level 19
    • Odyssey Level 20
    • Odyssey Level 21
  • Chests
    • Odyssey Chest + Classic
  • Items / Skins
    • Foxy (Amaterasu Cute Foxy + 3500 OP + Cuesty Chest roll)
    • Fire Giant Ward
    • Classic Nu Wa
    • Odyssey 2017 Frame
  • Items Description (Can’t match with skins as they are not indicated)
    • She is cute as she is sly!
    • Tomorrow’s battle is won during todays practice!
    • Remember when Nu Wa was Ssssssnake like?
    • Eventually all things matter.
    • You should think twice about double-crossing her.
    • She is twice as armed if she fights with honor!
    •  Before you know it she could be plaguing you.
    • Be careful or you may get caught in her web!
    • He can’t be tamed!
    • The Jurassic called they want their dino back.
    • Full sail ahead!
  • Adventures in Japan Quests
    • Get to Round 5 in Cage Match.
    • Get 30k player damage.
    • Win 2 Games.
    • Play a Japanese God in 1 Game.
    • Play an Assassin in 1 Game.
    • Get 2 First Wins of the Day
  • Odyssey Chinese Pantheon Quest – Adventures in China
    • Play 3 Games of Joust.
    • Earn 30K Gold.
    • Win 2 Games
    • Play a Chinese God in 2 games.
    • Get to round 3 in Cage Match.
    •  Kill the Bull Demon King 2 times.
    •  Get 2 FWOTDP
  •  Odyssey Hindu and Egyptian Quests – Adventures in India
    •  Get 50 assists.
    • Win 2 Games
    • Play an Egyptian God in 2 games.
    • Play a Hindu God in 1 game.
    • Play a Hunter in 1 Game.
    • Get 2 FWOTD

Other Promotional content

  • Tencent Pirate Bros Bundle
    • Vulcap’n + Privatyr
  • Prize Money Global Emote
  • Discounts
    • 33% off Volcanic Agni
    • 50% off any Tier 2 skin
    • 50% off any Voice Pack
    • 25% off International Chest
  • Level Up Transfer
    • Kukulkan + He Bo + Quetzakukulkan + Lord of the Amazon


The new siege map, or at least what we knew as new Egyptian siege map is named Clash.
  • 30 seconds until point becomes active!
  • Order has captured the point!
  • 10 seconds until point becomes active!
  • Chaos has captured the point!
  • Center camp has spawned!
  • Enhanced center camp has spawned!
  • Apep has spawned!
  • Enhanced Apep has spawned!

Cage Fight Map

  • Welcome to my mountain top arena.
  • Clear the minions as fast as possible to mitigate the damage taken.  The Sanctuary relic will force the tower to switch targets} unlike normal towers.
  • Artemis is a big threat.  Kill her quickly.
  • Watch for the circular effects around the target of Chain Lightning.  Standing inside the circle will deal significant arc damage to both targets
  • Prioritize the highest damaging targets first.  Removing Artemis and Ra from this encounter makes it much easier.
  • Focus your crowd control and damage onto one target at a time before they Rewind.
  • The Orange Cyclops is the biggest threat.  Deal with him first} then split your damage on the other two.
  • Deal with Ra and Artemis first.  Removing their damage and healing from the fight makes the Bull Demon easier.
  • Spread out to split their damage output.  Try to avoid getting intoxicated!
  • Plan your movements to avoid getting trapped into taking damage from the Molten Pools.  Too many melee gods makes this more difficult.
  • Killing Vamana enrages Ra.  Killing Ra enrages Vamana.
  • Nox locks down a single target until it is dead.  Use crowd control to stop Nox from channeling.
  • The obelisks are the source of a significant buff on the Lion.
  • Once Loki vanishes Decoys are placed on all targets.  Keep moving to avoid damage.  Focus fire once he reappears.
  • Use crowd control to stop Geb from Rolling Out and make it easier to hit.
  • Avoid spawning little spiders from their webs.  Clear them with basic attacks as much as you can while focusing on Arachne.

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