Sunday , 21 October 2018

Smite Datamining – G84 spawns a controlable pet?

I was able to get a bit of extra info doing deeply scans this days, there’s not much but it gives some info about the character.


New info from deeply scans

  • Ability #3 & #4
    • Spawn Pet
    • There’s a probability you can swap and control the pet? Not sure here.
    • An Enemy should be visible?
    • Ability 4 reveals enemies in map?
    • You should be able to send the pet to tower

I think we should be closer to know what celtic deitie is coming since we know there’s a pet or something related to it, the only deitie around animals i could find was Cernunnos but I’m not sure if that would be him, make sure to send your ideas to @smitedatamining

What we know so far from 3.23 Datamining

  • Unknown info?
    • (WARNING – NO CLUE IF THIS IS 100% ABOUT G84) effect lifetime  pet lifetime to be safe
  • General Info
    • Has a Decoy
  • Passive
    • CC
    • Stack
  • Ability 1 –
    • AOE Damage
    • Ground Target
  • Ability 2 –
    • Combo
    • Ground Target
    • Mark
    • Projectile
  • Ability 3 –
  • Ability 4 –

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