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Smite PTS Datamining – Skadi, Chiron, Ne Zha V2, Shadow Skins, Turtles & More

Mid October datamining post.

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New Models

New Voice Packs


Skadi will be next goddess after Chiron

  • Spear as weapon or at least mentions an spear in skills
  • #1 – Ice Circle
    • Dash deployable
  • #2 – Unknown name
    • Ground Target (Circle)
    • Rune
  • #3
    • Rectangle ground Target
  • #4
    • Ground target (Circle too)


If you want to compare current info vs old Chiron info please read this post.

  • Leap
  • Passive – Herbal Medicine
    • Distance Traveled * Passive Energy
    • Additional percentage healing per stack
    • Additional amount healing per Chiron’s  level Range: travel distance per passive stack.
  • #1 – Training Exercise
    • Deployable
    • Buff
  • #2 – SpreadShot
  • #3 – Charge
  • #4 – Ultimate

Ne zha V2

Ne Zha has a new Model, animations and physics mechanics called as Ne Zha V2. This usually means the god is getting a rework or remodel.

New Skins

  • Thor (May be getting 2)
    • One of them is tagged as Thor_V2_Skin6
    • Probably Mech skin
  • Bacchus
  • Aphrodite

New Shadow Skins

If i’m not mistaked this should be a new tier of skins for Gods. It follows the same structure as other skins.

  • Isis
  • Anhur
  • Khepri

Joust 3v3 Chinese

  • Chinese Joust
  • Joust Turtle
    • Small
    • Big


  • Master of Martial Arts Bundle
    • Ravana MMA Bearded + Ravana MMA shaved Limited skin


  • SWC Fireworks
    • End the day with a great fireworks display!
  • SWC 2016 Comic Book Promotion
    • SWC 2016 Comic Book
    • Promotion Code for SWC 2016 Comic Book

Changes in Gods

The followings gods have had something “changed” or “touched” which could mean new skins or changes.

  • Zeus (Movement)
  • He Bo (Movement)
  • Agni (Particles)
  • Hel (Movement)

New Cards

New Icons

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