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4.10 Patch Notes – New skins Spoiled

Skins Voice Pack Sample

Trials of King Hercules – Adventure

Trials of King Hercules is a RPG adventure (As seen in previous datamining with the images and leaks of PTS). We will be able to progress through quests by defeating bosses. There’s a kind of progress with gaining items which will make us stronger through the adventure.

According to all the info we already have, this adventure is totally different of what we’ve seen and it looks awesome. Seems like delaying it has proven a success effect.

  • Gold Vault Skin: Abyssal Sorcerer Poseidon
  • Bundle 900 Gems: Vanguard Hercules, Dungeon Stamp, Dungeon Frame, Dungeon Theme, Key
  • Hard Mode: Hydra Boss
    • The Hard mode seems to be the final stage of the adventure.
  • In order to know everything we will have to wait until the full reveal. But it looks really cool!

Next Reveal

No more spoils planned, keep an eye on twitter in the case there’s more.


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