Tuesday , 16 April 2024

Celtic Event HUD, Pedestal and Theme sounds

With today’s hotfix Hi-Rez added few celtic event assets.

Smite Board – Theme & Models

In the right panel you have the sound list, click one to play.

  • Celtic Pedestal
  • Celtic Theme
  • Celtic Event Sounds
  • Celtic Event HUD
    • All celtic event images below, these images should be from the board game and few more things.
    • This is a game of wit and despair, take a chance and players beware. Complete your quest to be rewarded with a good prize, or you can see to your own demise! Roll the dice to move down your route, to reach the end and unlock exclusive loot.<
    • Spriggan – Terra God Skin
    • Oak-Seer – Artemis God Skin
    • Celtic Loading Frame
    • Celtic Music Theme
    • Druid Shrine Pedestal
    • Access to Path of the Phantom Queen game board
    • The game board gives you access to  several rewards such as a variety of Chest Rolls and an exclusive Cutesy Avatar that you earn by completing Quest and advancing on the game board.  Completion of the board will grant you Woodland Rogue, limited The Morrigan god skin.
    • You must complete the quest that your pawn is on before you can roll.
    • The Path of the Phantom Queen awaits you, stranger.
    • Each space on the board you land on is either a quest or a special space. To keep advancing on a quest space, you must complete the quest in order to be able to roll the dice again. There is no rush, as quests can be completed until the end of the event.
    • Special spaces can be a trap or give a treasure chest roll. Reaching the half way mark, which is signifed by passing through the tunnel, will reward you with an exclusive Cutesy The Morrigan Avatar. Completing the game board will unlock the limited Morrigan Woodland Rogue skin. Complete the first quest to get started!
    • Good Luck!”


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