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Paladins 14 CBT Datamining – Kinessa Scope, Conquest Map, weapon skin list and Evie alternative Ultimate



Kinessa should be able to have a scope mode for her sniper rifle.  Not sure if it’s triggered for an ability, ultimate or just a scope mode as a shooter game. What is sure the scope mode will fire a beam or something more special, probably more damage while charged, who knows.

I like the way Gigantic introduces the scope mode with Imani, so let’s see if it’s similar.


  • Conquest No Stream
  • Conquest

Weapons Skins

  • Barik Spec Ops Rifle Skin
  • Androxus Revolver
  • Buck Shrapnel Cannon
  • Cassie Shortbow
  • Evie Ice Staff
  • Fernando Lance
  • Grover Axe
  • Kinessa Sniper Rifle
  • Pip Potion Launcher
  • Ruckus Minigun
  • Skye Wrist Crossbow

Alternative Skills – Ultimate

  • Evie Ultimate – Snowball
    • Summon a rolling snowball that picks up enemy players.
  • Grohk – Jinx
    • Shaman Deployable

Testing Items or Mechanics

  • Self damage cap
    • This is a device to apply a damage cap of 1% of your max hp
  • Enemy visible through stealth
    • This is a device to See Through Stealth to yourself
  • Sniper Mode
    • Increase Sniper by 97.5%.


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