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Paladins Datamining – Kinessa new sniper champion?

New paladins datamining from 0.7 patch. Seems to be a new champion coming soon, Kinessa.

Caution – This information is temporal and not final extracted from files. This may change or may not come into Paladins.

Kinessa – Dwarf Sniper

There’s a new row talking about a Dwarf Sniper. Even when we may think this could be Barik, he’s descripted as the Dwarf Engineer. There’s also something names as Kinessa, who could be this Dwarf Sniper.

It’s really nice to have a sniper character in this game and I hope we get it!

  • Weapon: Sniper Rifle
  • Description: Dwarf Sniper


  • Skin 2 for Knight (Fernando)

New Cards

  • Wormhole
    • [Blink] For 4s after blinking, you may re-activate Blink to return to your original location.
  • Great Distance
    • [Soar] Increase duration by 4s.
  • Winter Hazard
    • [Soar] Drop icicles as you fly, each exploding and dealing 100 damage.
  • Stand Still
    • [Weapon] Deal 40% more damage if only hitting one target.
  • Distortion (Evie)
    • [Blink] After blinking, spawn 2 illusions for 6s that move and fire on enemies dealing reduced damage.

HUD Stats (Fire, bleed, etc)

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