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Paladins OB 43 Datamining – Lawman, Barrier Tank and Talents

Lawmand and Barrier Tanks are the next champions to arrive, also check some new talents!

Post is now under finished phase. It means there’s no more planned updates, anyway stay tuned until tomorrow in the case I may find anything extra.

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New Images

These are just new images added this patch, they may be updated versions or just from new characters. I didn’t filter them, just uploaded the new ones. Please let me know in @SmiteDatamining if you find anything interesting in these images.

Unknown Name (Lawman Prototype)

Lawman should be the next character to release after Barrier Tank, unless they switch order. Comparissions will be made but it looks interesting!

  • General Info
    • Weapon – Dual wielded pistols
  • Ability – MarkShot
    • Marks an objetive and can auto aim to the objective if possible.
    • Mark a target for 3.5s, during which all your weapon shots will hit them automatically.
  • Ability – Vengeance
    • The last player to kill you is marked. Activating [Q] selects a random new player to be marked. If that player gets over a 5 killstreak you can sense them when they are within 60ft of you even through LoS.
  • Ability – Combat Slide
    • Activate to quickly slide forward in the direction you are facing.
  • Ability – TheLaw
    • Fire your pistols hitting all targets in the direction you are facing.

Unknown Name (Barrier Tank Prototype)

As last OB 41 Datamining said, new Barrier Tank (Prototype name) champion was revealed. We still don’t know the champion name and he will come after Maeve (Below).

  • #1 Ability – Earthen Guard
    • Enter a defensive state that lasts 8s where, for every Deployable you have active, 30% of the damage you take is redirected to a Deployable.
  • #2 Ability – Warder’s Field
    • Place a stone obelisk that, every 0.5s, projects pulses which slow enemies for 35% and damage them for 150.
  • #3 Ability – Impasse
    • Deploy a small wall that grows out of the ground and lasts 8s, activate the ability again to grow the wall to full height.
  • #4 Ability – Gae Bolg
    • Prepare a devastating spear throw and gain increased jump height. When thrown,  the spear will pass through shields and stun any enemies within 25 units of its impact for 2s.

Remember Post is also added to Reddit, I use it as main comment source! Link to Reddit Post

Legendary Cards (Talents)

During OB 40 Datamining I revealed Talent Cards were being planned for Season 1. I guess the way of how Talents work have been changed a bit as I’m not getting anymore Upgradeable Talent Cards but only 1 simple effect.

Thanks to a few people in reddit I was able to understand it better which helped me to filter the content.

There’s new talents added

  • [ANDROXUS] Heads Will Roll
    • Deal 50% increased headshot damage.
  • [ANDROXUS] Godslayer
    • Defiance deals 5% of its target’s max health as damage with every shot.

  • [BARIK] Fortify
    • While Barricade is active Turrets gain 750 max HP.
  • [BARIK] Oil Spill
    • Rocket boots leaves a slowing trail as you run that persist for 3s and slows for 50%.

  • [BOMB KING] Accelerant
    • Increase the self Knockback of Poppy Bomb by 80%.
  • [BOMB KING] Chain Reaction
    • When hitting an enemy with multiple bombs, each bomb after the first will deal 30% more damage.
  • NEW! [BOMB KING] Demolition
    • Grumpy Bomb destroys all shields when it explodes

  • [BUCK] Bulk up
    • Recovery heals for 400 more instantly.
  • [BUCK] Ensnare
    • Net Shot grants 30% bonus damage for 3s after hitting a target.
  • NEW! [BUCK] Flutter
    • Buck leaps an incredible height and distance. Landing on a target deals 350 damage.

  • [CASSIE] Big Game
    • Your first shot against an aerial target hit by disengage will deal bonus damage equal to 30% of their Max Health.
  • [CASSIE] Exaction
    • Deal 30% bonus damage for your next shot after Dodge Roll.
  • [CASSIE] Impulse
    • Increase the damage of Blast Shot by 300.

  • NEW! [DROGOZ] Combustible
    • Fire Spit now knocks back and deals an additional 30% of its damage to targets hit over 2s.
  • [DROGOZ] Fusillade
    • Salvo now fires instantly.
  • NEW! [DROGOZ] Glide
    • Reduce the effectiveness of booster
  • NEW! [DROGOZ] Spinfusor
    • Jet upwards into the air.

  • [EVIE] Over the Moon
    • Reduce the Cooldown of Soar by 5s.
  • [EVIE] Reprieve
    • Heal 600 health per second during Ice Block.
  • [EVIE] Wormhole
    • Blink may be used a second time within 4s to return to the initial casting location.

  • [FERNANDO] Aegis
    • Your Shield has an infinite Duration.
  • [FERNANDO] Formidible
    • Regenerate 30% of your maximum health over 3s when you fall below 15% of your max HP.
  • [FERNANDO] Scorch
    • Fireball deals 30% more damage and 30% more for each additional target hit.

  • [GROHK] Maelstrom
    • When your inhand deals damage reduce cooldown of shockpulse by 0.1s.
  • [GROHK] Totemic Ward
    • Allies healed by Healing Totem receive CC Immunity for 2s.
  • [GROHK] Wind Totem
    • Your Movement Speed has been increased.
  • [GROHK] Wraith
    • If you would have died, ghost walk instead and heal for 15% (30 second ICD).

  • [GROVER] Deep Roots
    • Crippling throw now Roots instead of Cripples.
  • [GROVER] Rampant Blooming
    • After activating Blossoms the aura will heal for 3 times as much for 4s.

NEW! [KINESSA] Suppression

  • Multiple Oppressor Mines can now affect the same target.

  • [MAEVE] Ferocity
    • Gain 20% increased attack speed after a successful hit for 5s or until you miss. Stacks 5 times.
  • [MAEVE] Rogue’s Gambit
    • Eliminations reset the Cooldown of Pounce.

  • NEW! [MAKOA] Half Shell
    • Shell Shield is now placed on the ground and is not channeled.
  • [MAKOA] Pluck
    • Gain 80% bonus damage on your first shot after hitting an enemy with Dredge Anchor.

  • [PIP] Acid Cloud
    • Explosive Flask leaves a lingering aoe that does 150 dps.
  • NEW! [PIP] Acrobatics
    • You can now double jump during Weightless.
  • [PIP] Mega Potion
    • Healing potion heals for twice as much, but has double the cooldown.


  • NEW! [RUCKUS] Flux Generator
    • When used on the objective, Repulsor Field is twice as powerful.


  • [SHA LIN] Called Shot
    • Increase the knockback of Impaler Arrow by 50%.
  • [SHA LIN] Desert Shadow
    • Increase the Stealth duration of Withdraw by 3s.
  • [SHA LIN] Recurve
    • Draw your bow 15% faster.
  • [SHA LIN] Steady Aim
    • Hitting a Fully Charged shot increases the damage of your next Fully Charged shot within 3s by 30%.

  • [SKYE] Debilitate – RCCP
    • Deal 20% more damage to targets hit by Poison Bolts
  • [SKYE] Preparation
    • Reduce all cooldowns by 100% when getting a kill or elimination.
  • [SKYE] Surprise Attack
    • Deal 300 bonus damage on your first shot out of Hidden.

  • [TORVALD] Direct Current
    • Increase the duration of Runic Blast by 1s.
  • [TORVALD] Field Study
    • Gain 1500 Shield Health

  • [TYRA] Coup de Grace
    • Fire Bomb deals additional damage based on the target’s missing health.
  • [TYRA] Hunting Party
    • Hunter’s Mark’s damage increase now also benefits allies.

  • [VIKTOR] Cardio
    • Heal for 250 health per second during Hustle.
  • [VIKTOR] Firefight
    • Gain 20% bonus damage while Hip Firing
  • [VIKTOR] Gunnery
    • Gain 20% bonus damage while using Iron Sights

  • [YING] Focusing Lens
    • Deal 150 extra damage if you hit all 5 shots on the same target.
  • [YING] Lifelike
    • Illusions heal for 30% more.
  • [YING] Resonance
    • Illusions heal allies for 600 in a large area when they are shattered.

  • [?????] First Blood
    • Gain 20% Lifesteal.
  • NEW! [?????] Air Burst
    • Shoot out a short range blast that knocks back you and enemies.
  • [[?????] ] Recycler
    • When you miss a shot you have a 50% chance of having the ammo refunded.

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