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Smite 4.20 PTS Datamining – Nidhogg, Cerberus and More Discordia

4.20 PTS Datamining:  

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Some 3D Models are animated.


  • Added 4.19 Datamining data
  • Added New Skins
  • Added Nidhogg
  • Added Discordia skill
  • Added & Reorganized Adventure Info
  • Added cutesy images & adventure images

New Skins

  • SMITE Plus Bundle (Xbox & Ps4)
  • Arachne (Skin 6)
  • Ganesha (Skin 3)
  • Kali (Skin 10)
  • Nemesis (Skin 9) & Gold
  • Loki (Skin 10) – Thief
  • Ra (Skin 9) – E-sports Space Station + Ward Space Station
  • Skadi (Skin 6) – Elemental
  • Cutesy
    • Cutesy Izanami
    • Cutesy Cupid Ghost
  • New skins in files but already known as Odyssey Items
    • Cernunnos (Skin 4) Odyssey
    • Nike (Skin 4) Odyssey
    • Medusa Odyssey
    • 2018 Odyssey Skins, you can read the list and names clicking here.

Test Snake

There’s a Test Snake “God”. Not sure if it’s going to be after Nidhogg or just some old code around.

  • It may be for Medusa’s new skin from Odyssey, which seems to be a snake.


Nidhogg is coming after Cerberus. He’s a DRAGON!

The new adventure is related to Niflheim which matches with the release of Nidhogg. That leads us to think a) Cerberus is delayed after Nidhogg or b) Nidhogg is released once the adventure ends, matching the lore or whatever they want to do or c) Adventure is delayed enough to match Nidhogg release in about 6 patches?

  • He was mentioned in files as GOD_Nidhogg, for example the Hydra wasn’t so that’s why I added him as a playable character.
  • We’ll know more in the next patches tho.


There’s no introduction needed for Cerberus, just OMG!

  • Main Info
    • 3 Headed
    • Left, Mid and Right.
  • Baisc Attack
    • Chained melee attack
    • Auto Attack Situational
    • May steal Healing or affect healing
    • Damage increase with ability 1
  •  Passive
    • Aura
    • Cerberus Soul
    • Cerberus Soul – Kill on Touch
    • Phy & Mag protection steal
  • Skill #1 – Terrifying Visage
    • Projectile
    • Damage increase on his basic attack
    • # times hit the target
    • Activates special attack on head 1, 2 or 3
    • The special attack has timer
    • 270º Angle, it may change?
  • Skill #2 – Ghastly Breath
    • Cone skill
    • It counts how many you hit, works with passive (Stacks)
    • 2 Hits and 3 Hits, it should apply Added % Damage depending if you hit 1, 2 or 3 times.
    • Personal Opinion, not as dataminer as i can’t confirm – I think the 1,2,3 Hits may be related to how many heads hit with this skill? It could mean cerberus model has the 3 heads.
  • Skill #3 – Death Rattle
    • Can be canceled
    • Heal Count
  • Skill #4 – Soul Rend
    • Works with passive (Stacks)
    • Cone attack
    • Knock Up works with the stacks
    • 25 range attack cone


Discordia is the equivalent Roman deity of Greek Eris.

  • Goddess of Chaos
  • Basic Attack
    • Projectile
  • Passive – Contest of Gods
    • Stacks
    • Has a Buff FX
  • Skill #1 – Chaos Blast
    • Minor Projectile: Bounces
    • Major Projectile:
    • Deployable
    • Locked Aim
  • Skill #2 – Turn Against
    • Discordia covers an area in chaotic magic that deals damage to all enemies hit. Enemy gods and minions hit by this will turn against each other and attack for 1s. If only a single target is hit then it is rooted for 1s instead.
    • Range: 55
    • Damage: 70,120,170,220,270 (+50% of your Magical Power)
    • Madness Damage per hit: 10,20,30,40,50 (+10% of your Magical Power)
    • Cost: 60,65,70,75,80
    • Cooldown: 15s
  • Skill #3 – Erratic Behavior
    • Deployable
    • Ground Target
  • Skill #4 – Golden Apple Of Discord
    • Seems like you can give the apple to someone, enemy or ally?
    • Current Apple Holder
    • The Apple has a timer once it ‘s attached to someone (See it as cupid’s #1 skill)
    • Switch Golden Apple owner
    • Boolean: Apple is Active
    • Golden Apple Projectile
    • Enemy Projectile
    • Rolls
    • Ground Range & Travel
    • Bounces
    • Can hit multiple tames if bouncing?
    • Seems like some FX are spawned on ground
    • It shakes the camera?
    • You can detonate it

2018 Odyssey

Challenge 05 – Adventure

Adventure 05, named as Shadow is based on latest adventure role mode which was pretty popular. It will count with a lot of other scenarios from adventures like Xing Tian’s Mountain and probably will be bigger and last longer.

  • Adventure Info & Items
    • Adventure is under Shadow name.
    • Dungeon 2 Music Theme + 2 + 3 Skin + 4 + Gold Key
    • Shadow Skin (Probably Loki)  +  Thief Theme + Thief Loading Screen + Thief  Avatar
    • Nemesis + Arachne Skins also related to the adventure (Not sure if key or bundled)
    • Possible Rewards: Kappa Global Emote + Kreygasm Stamp + Spacestation ward + Recall Fidget Spinner (Probably as extra rewards)
    • The adventure is related to Niflheim
    • Easy, Medium and Hard levels
  • Lore (Quests aren’t added as they are as usual kill, etc and may change)
    • We will see again quests as the last adventure, with the blacksmit, etc.
    • The King is missing and your items are all gone? We can get to that but first we need to cull these monsters coming through that blasted portal!
    • Niflheim? Never heard of it. Venture out and see if it is a threat to our beloved town!
    • You say you saw a boat? I knew I smelt something fishy. Maybe our dear King went on a fishing trip, have a look!
    • With the King absent the clergy falls in rule. Take care of the increasing number of large beasts and be rewarded!
    • Lava, brimstone and gold lies within Muspelheim. Brave the heat and seek riches for the Gods of course.
    • Survive the Lava Run. (Probably some kind of spider’s scenario) —-> Unlocks new quests
    • There can only be one.. or two fire Gods. Defeat this so called Fire Giant and bring us back his head!
    • With the King gone, the villagers are leaving! We need to find him but first we need to repair relations in the village gold should do!
    • The monster of the depths and the lord of lava sound like two creatures with tons of treasure, oh and information of course!
    • Icy mountains and volcanic wastelands but still no King? This town is not doing well without him. Find more information and bring him back!
    • Reach Helheim —-> Unlocks new quests
    • We need to find the King but all these monsters flooding through the portal are wreaking havoc. Deal with them all, please!
    • You found our most excellent, prestigious, wonderful King! Locked up in Helheim, how dastardly. Find a way to deal with his captors and free our liege!
    • Loki has our master tucked away but he keeps escaping and just will not die! We need to find a way and soon! – Unlocks 4.22
    • 4.22 —–> Unlocks new scenario
    • Actually Defeat Loki (Hard Mode).
    • Unlocked Shadows Over Hercopolis Normal Mode
    • Unlocked Shadows Over Hercopolis Hard Mode

Season 5

Season 5 is around the corner, we have confirmed Hi-Rez is working in a new map which seems to be full Greek themed. New Titans featuring Cronus and Themis will get into the game while also a few old creatures come back to smite (Minotaur, Manticore) while some new arrive for the first time.

  • Map
    • Greek Conquest
  •  Titans
    • Chaos Side – Cronus
    • Order Side – Themis
    • Cronus Club Shell
  •  Buildings
    • New Chaos & Order Towers
    • Big & Small projectile from towers
  • Buffs / Camps
    • Centaur – Speed Buff
    • Chimera – Void (No idea what it means for now)
    • Stayr – Speed & MP5
    • Fire Giant – Description Below
    • Fire Giant S5 – Flames of Ragnarok
    • Manticore – Red Buff
  • Minions
    • Archer
    • Brute
    • Swordsman
  • Creatures which also appear but has no description or we already know what they do.
    • Fire Oracle -> Betrayer
    • Oracle Fury
    • Betrayer Magic (Root at players?)
      • You deal 15% less damage and receive 40% less healing

Developed information about what’s above

  • S5 Fire Giant
    • Might: Grants +50 Magical Power, +35 Physical Power and Regen 2% of your health and 1% of your mana every 5 seconds for the buff duration. Your damage versus Towers and Phoenixes is increased by 20%.
    • Rage: Grants +90 Magical Power, +60 Physical Power and Regen 4% of your health and 2% of your mana every 5 seconds for the buff duration. Your damage versus Towers and Phoenixes is increased by 20%.
    • Enhanced Fire Giant
  • Centaur
    • Impact Attack


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