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Smite 7.11 Datamining – More info about next gods

Season 7.11 PTS Datamining

Datamining is a way of obtaining early data on what Hi-Rez is working. Sometimes the data is not enough clear and our interpretation may be wrong or inaccurate. Due to this, please remember data may change or never reach final build, do not take datamining as real data but an estimation of what’s to come.

Skins and content is usually 100% accurate, but Gods and Gamemodes data is sometimes inaccurate.

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Smite Board – Voice pack Listener

With the new file structure, it’s easier to unpack more data in batch and I’m trying to update the voice pack listener in the next weeks. It may take a while, but for the moment I have updated the website to show a different list for each kind of sounds:

I know the interface is shitty, so let me know if you can help with that.

  • Gods: This list will only show God voice packs and skins, for an easier search.
  • Caster: All caster voice packs will be listed here. If any is missing, notice me on twitter with an MD, or reddit post.
  • Levels: This List will show all sounds related to levels and maps. If you have any old map sound files, notice me on twitter for sending the file.
  • NPCs: All creatures and npcs.
  • GUI: Sounds for interface.
  • Extra god sounds: There’s also extra sounds in some skins, I will try to find a way to add it.

If anything is missing, let me know also please! Also any change I can make to VGS Simulator to make it more popular is accepted!

Link here


  • Added S7.10 Datamining
  • Added new skins
  • Added more info for Tiamat and Danza

Smite Board – 3D Models & Voice Packs

Smite Board is a 3D Models & Voicepacks database site. It features also a VGS Simulaltor so you can hear the voice packs or just practice the VGS.

As of November 2018 the website is continued under instead of self domain

Some 3D Models are animated.

New Skins / Cosmetics

  • Unknown patch Skins
    • Aphrodite
    • Erlang Shen
    • Kali
    • Xbalanque Pizza skin (Skin 11)
    • Athena (Skin 15)
    • Agni Pip (Skin 10)
    • Ares (Skin 14)
    • Bastet (Skin 12)
    • Bellona (Skin 15)
    • Camazotz (Skin 7)
    • Cerberus Skin
    • Cernunnos (Skin 11)
    • Cupid Skin
    • Discordia (Skin 7)
    • Hades Skin
    • Izanami (Skin 10)
    • Nemesis (Skin 14)
    • Medusa (Skin 13)
    • Rama (Skin 8)
    • Ratatoskr (Skin 12)
    • Scylla (Skin 15)
    • Skadi (Skin 12)
    • Tsukuyomi (Skin 3)
    • Ullr ( v2Skin 11)

Pink text highlights what’s new from this pts datamining vs what remains from previous datamining.


  • Osiris V2

God 112 – Danzaburou

The God 112 is confirmed to be Danzaburou.

For the moment there’s no info on him, just the name.

  • Has a spawnable actor that acts as a Decoy
  • Other info
    • Stone Material
    • Has a Money Bag model
      • It’s a skeletal mesh, probably animated
    • Has also a mesh called Rocket
    • Lifetime Scaling
    • Spawns a Decoy Mesh
    • Bottle Deployable
    • Has a Rocket?
    • Has a stone
  • Basic Attack
    • Projectile
  • Passive
    • Reward
  • Ability 01
    • It’s a projectile
    • It also has a Pickup, maybe you can get back the projectile?
    • Area of Effect Hit
    • Deployable Mesh
    • Aoe hit FX
    • Debuff FX
    • Deployable Aura
    • Projectile FX
    • Reward
  • Ability 02
    • Deployable
    • Projectile
    • FX
      • Start & Warning FX – Looks like this ability deploys something and builds up.
      • Area FX,
      • Debuff FX
      • Heal FX
      • Hit FX
      • Projectile FX
      • Targeter FX
      • Landing FX & Impact
    • Pulse Stack
      • 4 stacks
    • Slow
    • Taunt
  • Ability 03
    • Deployable Mesh
    • Spikes
    • FX
      • Buff FX
      • Debuff FX
      • Targeter FX
      • Deployable Explode FX
    • Explode
    • Uses passive stacks
    • Mesh fake FX
    • Reveal Poof FX
    • Leaf projectile
    • Leaf Explode
  • Ultimate
    • It’s a Deployable
    • It’s also a device (Something you must activate)
    • The device is related to a Charge
    • And it’s also a projectile. Maybe a charge becoming a ball projectile?
    • Targeter FX
    • Mark FX
    • Projectile Explode
    • Start FX
    • Debuff
    • Statue Poof FX

Goddess 113 – Tiamat

Tiamat introduces a new pantheon, Mesopotamian.

  • Passive
    • Seems like it has an effect called Hardened Scales
    • Stacks
  • Other info
    • Cruelty – Increased Basic Attack Power and Physical Lifesteal
    • Stronger effect
    • Weaker Effect
    • Hardened Scales
    • Has a Flying animation
    • He has different animations for ground and flying, so she probably transforms or activates a fly mode
  • Basic Attack
    • Projectile basic attack
    • Fire mode
    • Applies a Damage effect, so probably burns?
  • Ability A01
    • Projectile Fizzle
    • Uses passive’s stacks or it’s related to
  • Ability B01
    • Works with passive
    • Debuff A
    • Debuff B
  • Ability A02
    • Deployable
  • Ability B02
    • Deployable Spawner
    • Effect group (I guess it’s for allies)
    • Area of Effect
    • Warmup
  • Ability A03
  • Ability B03
  • Ultimate A04
    • Ultimate is something weird, like it’s subdivided in 3 o 4 things.
    • Sub A
    • Sub b – Uses passive’s stacks or it’s related to
    • Sub C
  • Ultimate B04
    • DoT Effect (Increased in hand damage)
    • Deployable mesh
    • Has a pet, it could just be a minion
    • Damage over Time


As every year, Odyssey’s post is separated. You can read the Odyssey 2021 article by clicking here.

Season 8

They are currently working in Season 8, as i’ve seen some hints from Seasn 8 conquest. Nothing that I can identify changed.

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