Saturday , 6 March 2021

Smite 7.12 Patch Notes Spoils

Skins – Voice Packs

Some are unknown, since they aren’t named this time. Let me know if you recognize, ponting to the skin number.

You can read what’s known from Odyssey here

  • Danzaburou – Base Voicepack
  • Don-Zaburou Danzaburou
  • Chilling Wraith Hades
  • Demon Scourge Athena
  • Living Alloy Jormungandr
  • Malware Monarch Persephone
  • Molten Destroyer Cthulhu
  • Radiant Heroine Bellona
  • Rogue Android Izanami
  • Sacred Arrow Rama
  • Saurian Conjurer Ah Puch
  • Snow Kitten Bastet
  • Space Cadet Vulcan
  • SWC Champion Change
  • Thunderfang Thor
  • Witching Hour Freya
  • World Tour Nemesis
  • Zero Gravity Nike

Next Reveal

Some Cards / Voice packs may be coming later, check @SmiteDatamining

There’s no more content available, will update if there is.



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