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Smite Datamining – 3 First Japanese Gods Reveal

WARNING – The following displayed information is taken directly from Smite files with datamining techniques. This means it’s not final info and may change in the near future as well as never coming into Live Client. Read this carefully and make your own oppinion.

Raijin and Amaterasu

I’m not sure who is who right now as Hi-Rez started to play “the hidden God names Game”. For now, we know there’s at least 2 Japanese Gods in work + 1 Norse and we have God 72 and God 73 so we can guess Raijin and Amaterasu are both. Probably we’re mistaken if Skadi or even Susanoo come before they 2.

Here we have a bit info from God 73 (Theoretically Raijin)

  • Ability #1 is a projectile
  • Ability #2 is a Ground Target (Line, cone…)
  • Being the god of Thunder also explains why some abilities of Chaac were copied, we may see one similar.

While there’s no more information about “God73” there’s more about God72 (Theoretically Amaterasu) , displayed below here:

  • Passive
    • Debuff
  • Ability #1
    • Can be activated
    • Buff
  • Ability #2
    • Projectile
    • Can be activated and deactivated
    • You can store or refire
    • Has a timer
    • Charges
  • Ability #3
    • Debuff
    • Flash

So yeah, we can confirm:

  • God 72: Amaterasu
    • The Great Kami Who Shines in Heaven
  • God 73: Raijin / Susanoo
  • God 74: Susanoo / Raijin

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