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Smite Datamining – Adventures Info, Bundle and Skins

Adventures are almost here, get a preview of what they are before they shoot live!


Adventures is a new eventt based on different game modes across the time it’s active. As you know by previous datamining we have at least 3 game modes revealed, but it looks like they should be 4 in total.

Every month and half we will be getting a new game mode to play which comes with a bundle of assets. We can expect this event to be up until Summer event comes around August (If it comes this year)

  • Event is expected to Start 28 February or 1 March with Capture the flag game mode as first one.
  • Challenge lasts for 1 Month or 1 Month and half.
  • There’s a Bundle you can buy during each challenge, it’s not free but it has 30% discount if you buy it while it’s active.
  • Each Challenge Bundle gives you a Golden Key.
  • With each Golden key you can open 1 time the Adventure Chest. It has 4 LIMITED Skins available. You should be able to choose the one you want from whatever is available at that point.
  • Link to Adventures Info from latest Datamining.

Adventure Chest

The Adventure Chest contains 4 LIMITED skins, so far I was able to get the first 2.

  • Swashbuckler Susano
  • Guan Yu Unicorn
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

Below you can see a few examples of how Swashbuckler may look and Paladin’s unicorn, which maybe comes with the Guan Yu skin unless they make a different one for him.

Challenge – Nike’s Valley of Victory

Nike’s Valley of Victory is the first mode to arrive, capture the flag mode.

  • Game Mode
    • You have to capture enemy’s flag
    • You can’t capture enemy’s flag if yours is taken from your base, so you have to protect it.

One of the main problems for Capture the Flag game mode in mobas and specially Smite is the problem of skills, dashes and ultimate escapes, for example Thor. To avoid the massive advantage of a flag carrier with such abilities they are replacing our abilities with other 3 when you get the flag.

  • Flag Carrier Abilities
    • Flag carrier loses his god abilities and get 3 new abilities.
    • 1. Melee Attack
    • 2. Dash
    • 3. Pass flag to Teammate

Sadly the bundle is not free, but at least they’re offering a 30% discount if you buy while the challenge is active.

  • Bundle of Assets
    • Conqueror Nike – Skin
    • Music Theme
    • Global Emote
    • Golden Adventure Key

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