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Smite Datamining – AI Assistant that makes you a Smite God, AI bots to populate queue and Ix Chel has AI abilities


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  • Added ai assistant and bots
  • Added Ix chel info

AI Bots

Seems like Hi-Rez is preparing a new AI for bots based on chatgpt and other new generation AIs:

  • Bots will be included in the normal and competitive queues, this seems an action to avoid large queue times and populate the game
  • Players will be able to play games against bots which are now similar to players in skill

AI Assistant

This week patch had a few files that revealed Hi-Rez is introducing an AI assistant.

According to the files:

  • The current model is chat gpt 4, but it also includes some mentions to other AIs, unnamed for now
  • The AI assistant seems to guide the player through the game
  • It has some functions that notices player when to rotate (seems like an alarm system) and it also includes some GUI elements, i think it pins the mini map for you.
  • It has some guide functions that talks to player about when to farm jungle and some timers, seems like it notices you when a jungle camp is alive again.
  • The AI also seems to analyze your abilities cooldown and has some guides included about leveling them
  • It also includes a recommendation for shopping, this should replace the recommended items which is usually useless.

This assistant should arrive in the mid season, around June with an event with robotic skins and robotic chest.

  • AI assistant price is around $6 month, not sure if there’s an annual pass
  • It’s included for free in you own the season pass

Deity 126 – Ix Chel

Seems like Hi-Rez is also implementing the AI to iterate or create new gods and Ix Chel is the first one

It’s called inside the files as AI_God_Generator and it seems to change the stats of a few abilities.

  •  Info
    • Mage
    • Has healing (Tier 3 Healer)
    • High Sustain
    • High Crowd Control
    • Medium area damage
    • Ix chel has a lot of mentions for the new AI
  •  Passive
    • Has Stacks
    • The AI Generator seems to replace the stacks passive in each game depending on your play style??
    • It seems to have 3 types: Aggressive, Passive and Neutral
    • Not sure if it changes in mid game or from game to game
  • Ability 1 – A
    • Has 2 versions of the ability
    • This version of the ability is only for players that does not have the AI assistant
  • Ability 1 – B
    • Has 2 versions of the ability
    • Deployable
    • This ability is available for those with the AI assistant
    • Seems like you deploy the ability and the AI Assistant uses it to trigger the ability
  • Ability 2
    • Deployable
  • Ability 3
    • Roots


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