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Smite Datamining – New Racing Game Mode

Great news for the players of Smite. Some time ago I was able to scratch some info about “Race” which was not clear. Yesterday I was able to get the following info confirming it’s a new game mode.

Racing Game Mode

From now I wasn’t able to know what would we use to run in the race but I hope it’s a Chariot and the map features some old roman circus. There’s also a chance about ancient egypt chariots.

According to files about the game mode, we can be sure about this:

  • The Game Mode has checkpoints.
  • There’s a Start checkpoint and the system recognizes your last checkpoint.
  • There’s a count for Total track distance, not sure if it will serve for multiple tracks as short, medium or large.
  • There’s laps, so we may feature multiple laps.
  • There will be player placements, so it’s a real competition.
  • Winner is obviously 1st place and game mode ends after someone wins. Not sure if it means people can end the lap or it just ends once the winner ends the match.

The Racer – Or the vehicle

Racer is the Pawn of the race game mode, to be familiar with this, it means the “player”. For example we use Ra pawn for using Ra, so we have the Race pawn for this game mode.

This means Racer may be actually a vehicle. There’s no info about what it could be, but as said earlier I hope it’s a chariot. I don’t know if every Racer will be the same or it will feature some differences as a god inside it, or if there will be battle between the racers.

What features has Racer? Well it has some features that it makes it look like it’s a vehicle, since Smite is ancient themed game the only obvious answer is: It’s a chariot.

  • You can drive a Racer Gear.
  • Drift to Right, Left.
  • You can toggle Drift.
  • It has acceleration and max speed
  • It may have some Boost.
  • Boost may be limited
  • There’s a Wall Collision, so it may feature obstacles?
  • Camera has some switch camera, but I don’t know what it means right now.
  • There’s Face Rotation
  • Status
    • Laps Completed
    • Current Place
    • Lap Distance
    • Total Race Distance
    • Current Checkpoint
  • Stats (Speed numbers are like smite’s matches)
    • Speed = Unkown
    • Max Speed = Unknown
    • Acceleration Rate 0 = 150
    • Acceleration Rate 1 = 200
    • Turn = 60, 30, 45
    • Boost = x2 speed
  • There are some mentions to fire, so there’s a small chance we can actually fight.

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