Monday , 10 June 2024

Smite S8.5 Patch Notes Spoils

Skins – Voice Packs

Some are unknown, since they aren’t named this time. Let me know if you recognize, ponting to the skin number.

You can read what’s known from 2021 Odyssey here

  • Valhalla Vice Heimdallr
  • Toon Mania Cthluhu Sheriff
  • Toon Mania Cthluhu Greaser
  • Toon Mania Cthluhu Bomber
  • Toon Mania Cthluhu Base
  • Sakura Android Neith
  • Neith’s Biggest Fan Zhong Kui
  • Mystic Magus Ra
  • Malworm Jormungandr
  • Kero Kero Danzaburou
  • Draconic Devastator Thanatos
  • Classic Bacchus
  • Charybdis
  • Solar Navi gator Sobek
  • Polar Beast Ravana
  • Confectionary Khepri


Next Reveal

Some Cards / Voice packs may be coming later, check @SmiteDatamining

There’s no more content available, will update if there is.


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