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What we know so far for season 4

So, I’m making a compilation of what we know so far for this season 4 as we are collecting info from different media, these are: PC Gamer, Rockpapershotgun, Reddit, Official sources and Datamining.

Users collaborating with info: BorjinSMITE, Takaregal,


3.25 Content & Cards




  • Multiple game queue, you can select different gamemodes to queue at the same time.
  • New FaceIt collaboration for online leagues
  • Smite Adventures (Mini events with rewards)
  • Smite Rivals Video
  • Smite Rivals Website
  • UI Update
  • Voice chat integrated


  • As we already knew conquest is getting a new rework.
  • There’s now two oracles near gold fury, if you kill them you will have a ward in the area for a limited time.
  • There’s an elemmental near fire giant, if you kill it creates a portal from base to the objective for a limited time, one person can use it.
  • Ranked has pause option.
  • Seasons similar to Pro League (Spring, Summer and Fall split)
  • Start of season 4 makes MMR Reset
  • Every temporal season will reward players depending on ranks and then reset the ranks.
  • God-Specific leaderboards and it has also rewards (Seems like it wasn’t T screen what we found here)
  • Improved qualification process
  • Promotion matches may not exist anymore (We don’t have more info about this, but I think it should be similar to overwatch, if you cross the 100 points you just upgrade).


  • Looks like relics are now gone or at least work different with multiple systems
  • Ritual: New consumable which are expensive
  • Ritual: One of them allows you to teleport to a friend
  • Ritual: Reveal enemies to your team
  • Ritual: Offer particular buffs?
  • Container: Works like dota’s bottle, mana & hp potion which refills once you get to base.


  • As we know from datamining clash is getting a new reworked egyptian themed match
  • Apophis will be the central boss as serpent model with purple color.
  • Only has Apophis as boss
  • A look at clash?

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