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Paladins Datamining – Androxus

Meet Androxus, one of the next Paladins Champions!


  • Lore
    • Never whisper the name Androxus, the champion who once sat atop the Skull Throne of Umbria and the mortal who dared to Slay the god Nyx, lest the divines curse you as they have him. Stories are told across Crosswind of how a mortal might slay a god, but only Androxus knows what punishment such an act might bring.
  • Weapon & Stats
    • Sword / Blade
  • Cursed Blade
    • Androxus dashes forward a short distance, slashing his cursed blade doing a cone attack shockwave and dealing damage.
  • Heroic Leap
    • Androxus leaps an incredible height and distance.
  • Sword Throw
    • Androxus throws his sword like a boomerang, dealing damage to anyone it passes through. Can hit again on return.
  • Sword Wall
    • Reflect all projectiles in front of you back at their target for 2s.

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