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Smite 15 November PTS Datamining – New god Hou Yi, new skins, christmas…

 Hou Yi

Should be an archer.

  • Skill 1
    • Projectile


  • Skill – Moonlight
    • Got a buff
  • Skill – StarlightLance
  • Skill – Reposition
  • Skill – Mount Leap
    • Mount Buff
  • Skill – Jungle Mount
  • First Strike


To the ancient Greeks, Chronos is the personification of time and is said to have been created at the beginning of the universe. After splitting the primal world-egg that created the earth, Chronos and Ananke, the primordial serpent and Chronos’s companion, circle the universe, and with their momentum, drive the passage of space and time. Moreover, he represents the past, present, future, and eternity.

  • Throwback Chronos
  • Alien
    • Probably a Serqet Skin


  • Super Chronos 64
    • EXCLUSIVE ITEM – This item is available through special promotions or events.

Exclusive Items

  • Epic SWC
    • EXCLUSIVE ITEM – This item is only available through special promotions or events.
  • Ares SWC 2015
    • Probably obtained through SWC ticket $100 and $200.

Fans who are unable to attend the SMITE World Championship in person will be able to attend digitally by purchasing a SMITE World Championship Digital Ticket. For $24.99, viewers will be able to purchase a digital ticket through the official SMITE Twitch TV channel ( Digital ticket holders will receive:
An ad-free stream
Access to subscriber-only chat
Access to exclusive Twitch chat emotes of the teams and SMITE gods
The 2015 Tyr Convention God Skin.
The SWC Ares God Skin
The SWC Ward Skin

Winter Holidays

Hi-Rez Studios will donate to the American Red Cross $1 for every SMITE Holiday Treasure Chest sold between Nov. 28, 2014 and Jan. 14, 2015. This purchase is not tax deductible.

  • Snowman
    • SWC 2015
  • Gingerbread Man
    • EXCLUSIVE ITEM – This item is only available through special promotions or events.


  • Fire Giant V2
    • Fire Giant for the Season 2 conquest map
    • Fire Giant V2 Melee
    • Fire Giant V2 Ranged
    • Fire Giant V2 – Lava Flow
    • Fire Giant V2 – Lava Flow Dpl
  • Olympus V2 Order Tower Inner
  • Olympus V2 Order Tower Outer


  • Waver of Fate Bundle
    • Ms. Diagnosis Neith + Neith Dance Emote + Mischievous Neith + Neith Icon
  • Gods of War Bundle
    • Diamond Sword Ares + Ares Clap + Unstoppable Blade guan Yu + Guan Yu Clap
  • Sun God Bundle
    • Silver-Ra-Do Ra + Solar Sentinel Ra + Ra Wave Emote + Retro Ra Icon
  • Third Lotus Prince Bundle
    • Cyberpunk Ne Zha + Blue Lotus Ne Zha + Ne Zha Dance Emote + Ne Zha Player icon
  • Darkness Comes Bundle
    • Dark lord Sun Wukong + Scarlet Coven Isis + Dark Whisper AMC
  • Hide and Seek Bundle
    • Venom Serqet + Amethyst Nu Wa + Infiltrator Loki
  • Stance Dance Bundle
    • Privatyr Tyr + Sugar and Spice Hel + The Survivor Ullr


Random section is info that I can’t confirm 99-100%, so I prefer to attach it to random than fail guessing it, for your imagination.

  • Bro Army
  • Fall Harvest

New Voice Packs

New Cards

New Portraits

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