Thursday , 6 August 2020

SMITE 27 September PTS Datamining – Ao Kuang, the dragon returns

Another week another datamining. Please remember my posts are updated as I find new things after initial post is launched. Please look at “Log” at bottom for updates.

You can also request at reddit if you want me to search anything.

Ao Kuang

  • Passive: Ao Kuang King’s Sword
    • Extra EP5 per level out of combat.
    • Your sword energy replenishes by 5% per second out of combat.
    • Extra In-Hand Scaling (Magical Power Bot only).
    • Minimum Energy required for chain lightning.
  • Wild Storm
    • Your basic attacks do more damage and replenish your sword energy.
    • Your MP5 is increased.
    • 38 + 1.5/Lvl (+20% of Magical Power)
    • % chance of root on in-hand damage
  • Water Illusion (Deployable + Invisible while staying in)
    • Your MP5 is increased.
  • Dragon Call
    • Radius of the slow aura in feet.
  • Ultimate (Not sure if the name is one of the rest)
    • 2 Staged ultimate
    • Has a jump down (So we can assume he will fly or something).

Skins (? xD)

  • Osiris Frankenclassic
  • Osiris Frankenfuture

Sylvanus Gallery

New Skins / Cards Gallery


  • Initial version: 14:25 GMT +1 Madrid (There are expected edits).

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