Tuesday , 29 September 2020

SMITE 8 November Chinese Datamining – Ao Kuang Voice Pack, animations and definitive images

Yo there;

Today I bring you the new Ao Kuang content from the Chinese client.

Ao Kuang Sounds

  • Ao Kuang VOX (Sounds)
    • This one is boring, but at the end of the video (Around 70-80%) you got the Taunts and rival taunts (taunts to other gods).

Ao Kuang Animations

Those animations are not played in UDK due to Materials problems, so I used another software (as you see the model has some problems).

Ao Kuang Model Images

Since I’ve found some people is using our images without credits and acting like they were doing the datamining, I’m thinking about adding a watermark into the images, this is a first try, please if you have any software that you can recommend me for that, it will be welcomed. If you think watermark is bad, tell me also.

Following images are from the Ultimate animation.


I know some images may be repeated, but it’s more like a confirmation.

Final Images

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